Putting legs up and healthy foods good for blood cleansing such as ginger and turmeric and warm water or tea with half a tsp of apple cider vinegar. An apple in the morning and citrus fruits for this flue season.

Blood coagulates when cold foods are eaten such as sugar and cheese.

Why pineapple and papaya and good fats from walnuts, coconut and avocado can help with blood circulation? They have good fats and digestive enzymes.

Caring caregivers at Motherhealth LLC are aware of the use of healthy warm soups and care for legs with exercise, light massage, ginger massage oils and resting legs on a stool.

For family doctors and internal medicine doctors in the bay area who are frequented by senior clients with vascular issues, you can text 408-854-1883 for in home care from Motherhealth caregivers.

We serve Santa Clara , San Mateo , San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

8-hour care and live-in are beneficial to promote in home care and facilitate recovery at home with Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area.

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