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Before a seizure happens

Yesterday as I was visiting my client at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, she is touching her right stomach with her right hand and I asked if she is in pain and she said ‘No’. Hours later she has a seizure episode, one in many in a month. She has epilepsy and picky about her food that we cannot use ketogenic diet. She does not like butter. Upon seeing her, I warmed up her feet with massage although I feel that it is warm. I tried to massage her eyebrows to put her to sleep but she refused to sleep at 2:30pm. She also refused the coconut veggie soup I brought for her and keep asking for her hubby who left for few minutes.

I instructed my caregiver to incorporate ketogenic diet when preparing her warm home cooked meals. She eats pizza and other American foods.

Motherhealth caregivers are regularly updated on how to care for various health issues of our senior clients many of whom survived the expiration dates their doctor suggested.

To be released from rehab or nursing facility with a home caregiver, text 408-854-1883 so we can help in your transition. We incorporate massage, exercise, sunshine, home cooked meals and hugs in our caregiving tasks.

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