A family in San Jose is looking for reliever for their caregiver sister for their mother with Dementia from Wed to Sat and can afford only $15 per hour. I suggested they get a sitter from their community whom they can train and speaks their own language. Important to train on home emergencies such as food poisoning, UTI, hygiene and infection and preventing falls and other emergencies.

A San Leandro family called to get home care for their mother at home who is currently in a care home with $4500 budget. I suggested that their mother is better in care home setting since one on one care at home can cost up to $7000 or more per month and their budget is only $4500 per month and that to work with an estate planner/lawyer for cost saving ways for senior care.

A San Jose family whose father has Parkinson wanted 3-week home care and I suggested for a male caregiver who can also help with exercise , massage, housekeeping and other tasks for home caregiving.

There are many ways to find solution for home care. Text 408-854-1883 to ask Connie, what is suggested for your personalize care for your parents who are over 65 and need home care help at home with caring caregivers who can also provide massage, care for your pets, cook gourmet meals, help with exercise, monitor health and other tasks to comfort your parents at home who are home alone and need to prevent emergencies.

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