Home health options for seniors at home

There are many home care options for seniors at home, in assisted living, in nursing homes and other facilities. In bigger facilities such as nursing homes, monthly fees can go up to $12,000 per month with no one on one care. In home care, where a caregiver provide home care, you pay at least $18 per hour to caregiver and $6 or more for the agency who ensures that caregivers are always available since they can come and go.

Make sure you have a team from home care aid to nurses to provide continuity of care.

There are available care options and programs that can help maintain your independence and quality of life. A free resource below can provide comprehensive information on topics like financial support and care options that are available. 
  • https://www.caring.com/senior-living/assisted-living
  • www.care.com or www.caregivers,com can have a way for you to hire caregivers directly
  • www.clubalthea.com is home for all holistic caregivers for bay area seniors for live in and hourly. Starts at $18 per hour for caregiver pay and caregivers are trained and matched to your senior health care needs. 408-854-1883 text for quick reply if you need home care at your house in the bay area


Story of home care aid, caregiver and nurse caring for the wound of a bed bound client

The nurse trains the caregivers to care for the wound while the nurse visits 2x a week. Th caregiver gave healthy food, zinc and Vitamin C supplements, washed the outside of the wound with hydrogen peroxide and saline water for inside the wound and finally cover the wound with 40% zinc oxide from Desitin. The would healed in less than 2 weeks.

card mother

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