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My 83 year old mother is now bed-ridden with liver health issues after 18 years helping seniors in the bay area as cook and caregiver. She now needs her own caregiver. We are blessed with family and relatives surrounding her, giving her lymphatic massages and healthy soups of moringa greens and sour fruits.

Before she got sick , I drove her to Santa Cruz beach every Saturday and we went to Carpos Restaurant to have salmon and greens.

Few years ago, she always asked me to massage her back or apply anti-itch cream on her back. We went for foot massages. We went to Filipino dance parties and buffet.

In the last Filipino parties, she cried hugging her friends and saying goodbyes. She thinks her life here on earth is nearing an end.

She is wishing for more days to savor the successes of her children and grandchildren whom she supported financially and emotionally.

I remembered going door to door with her to neighbors and relatives to ask for student loans as there is no student loans in the Philippines. She knows that education is the priority in the house and not material things. She is always in the kitchen cooking for a family of 6 plus visiting relatives from far away islands looking for fortunes in the city of Manila.

She is Espie Benedicto, a strong supportive mother to all who has 16 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. We wished her a happy and restful Mother’s day in Cavite, Philippines.