How to reduce cancer cells

I want to gather your stories about your struggles in the fight against cancer. Email for your story that will be added in an ebook I want to prepare to help those with families who had cancer and will want to fight against cancer in any form from surgery , exercise, no meds to holistic approaches.

What I learned from my parents who died of lung and liver cancers is that cancer shows signs many years before and it took us by surprise.  And that we guessed many possible root causes , we ignore the signs of skin issues, difficulty breathing , blood lab tests, and  have no idea how to stop it or even fight it.

We saw how our clients and family members succumbed and were defeated by cancer. In the future, we are now more aware of the many signs and many possible ways to stop it.

Email me how you won the battle against cancer.

Possible weapons against cancer are whole foods, sunshine, exercise, avoidance of toxins , microbes and parasites, sleep, strong immune system and avoidance of sugar, white carbs, fermented foods, alcohol, nicotine, second had smoke , and unhealthy lifestyle.


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