Cancer cells are abnormal and takes over your normal cell functions and will deplete your body with important nutrients. Sounds like parasites, molds, fungus and other microbes inhabiting us and all of a sudden becomes our enemies devouring our good cells. When death occurs, they come out as black matter from liquid running out our nose or our fecal matter mixed with blood and debri of cancer cells, black.

Before cancer can multiply, there are signs that you can notice many years before from chronic lack of sleep, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, chronic bloating or metabolic disorders, chronic cough and loss of appetite or loss of weight.

What can you do about it, stay away from cancer causing fumes, molds, fungus, toxic metals, toxic foods, cancer causing or hormone disrupting chemicals from hormones fed in cows, plastics, and other carcinogens from burned BBQ meat and others you can easily notice since they are not whole foods but processed and they can make you ill, nauseous and gives you tummy or head ache.

So what else can we do about cancer, you can slowly detox your body from these toxins with sleep, clean air and water, whole foods, exercise, sunshine and avoidance of these toxins.

Hospice seniors in the bay area are increasing in numbers as cancer become the main causes of their illness. As caregivers from Motherhealth, we provide family-centered care and personalize that we treat each one like family, ensuring comfort from massage, home made foods (with thickening agent) and whole foods.

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