Motherhealth Inc 501c3 is formed to create an environment for older adults to live with children and be surrounded by art. A day care for older adults, kids day care and art school in one location. Need real estate donations to promote art education, older adults day care and kids care in holistic environment promoting wellness and preventing cancer and chronic disease.

In a survey, older adults thrive when seeing children play and children thrive when learning about art.

Recently, an elementary school in Cupertino is no longer providing 1x a week art classes as PTA has no budget for next year and schools are not providing art classes. Writing and reading comes after learning art.

Most students love art and are motivated to go to school because of art classes. Adult also love to learn art.

Email to get the mailing address for Motherhealth Inc 501c3 and to participate in this project. PO Box 3138 Saratoga, CA 95070 for snail mail. Text 408-854-1883 for more info.