I am not a doctor but a caregiver. I do not belong to a pharma company nor sell any products but promotes a bay area caregiving service for cancer clients. Both my parents died of cancer at age 63 and 83.  My dad’s lifestyle includes working as mechanic, driver and former smoker while my mom works as a health care worker for over 18 years and drinks red wine at night.

Is there a way to prevent cancer? What could have we done many years prior to the signs and symptoms of cancer. My mom felt it , 5 years before but does not want to rest from a labor-intensive work and wanted her red wine at night. My father rested after many years but then again worked 2 jobs at 63, works in 2 gas stations.

Both my parents did not have chemo or radiation. My father succumb to lung cancer after 9 months of only protein shake and smoothie of green papaya and massage from my sister and mother.

My mother’s fight with liver cancer lasted for few months.

Wish we could have seen if from their regular blood tests and their aches and pains that do not go away. My father complained of back pain and my mom is the same in addition to knee pain and skin irritations.

I am always present to some families in the bay area who has a parent with cancer and in hospice care with Motherhealth caregivers. Text 408-854-1883 if you need a bay area caregiver live-in or for 8 hours Monday to Sunday.