Dear Cancer,

When I age, a slight change in my blood chemistry would mean that you are starting to grow and I should notice that. I will summon my immune system to be stronger and fight you.

I will not brush off signs and symptoms that my body needs attention and healing. When my skin is itchy, my liver is telling me that it needs more greens and rest. When my cough will not go away, I will cleanse my lungs from toxins. I will get a blood test every other months after I noticed some body aches and pains and changes in my sleep, eating habits and lifestyle. I will not overdo on alcohol and ensure I have protein when I drink it in moderation.

I will stay away from fumes and toxic chemicals around my work and home.

I know my body better than anyone that I can take preventive measures early to not overwork my body, get adequate sleep and whole foods nutrition.

Most of all, I will surround myself with loving caregivers and support system to help me change my lifestyle to a stronger me.