Aging makes us 10k times more susceptible to cancer

About 25% of us can live longer than others, genetic factor. Still, insults from the environment and other faulty DNA can allow toxins from damaging our nerve communications and preventing us from growing new blood vessels.

So, as we age we must allow for cleansing massage, adequate sleep, fresh air, less stress, adequate exercise and sunshine to be part of our lifestyle.

I get the $25 foot massage once a week and walks on the beach of Santa Cruz and also made sure that I get good sleep.

Scientist believe that fasting, whole foods and enzymes can help slow aging. Genes can only help us 25% of the time and over time our DNA and RNA are influenced by our environment and lifestyle.

45-54 years Over 85 years
Cause of death Incidence % of deaths Incidence % of deaths
Diseases of the heart 92.8 21.66% 5607.5 37.48%
Malignant neoplasm 126.3 29.48% 1747 11.68%
Cerebrovascular diseases 15.1 3.52% 1485.2 9.93%
Parkinson’s disease 0.1 0.02% 1312.8 8.77%
Alzheimer’s disease 0.2 0.05% 703.2 4.70%
Pneumonia 4.6 1.07% 676.5 4.52%
Chronic lower respiratory diseases 8.5 1.98% 638.2 4.27%
Diabetes mellitus 13.6 3.17% 318.6 2.13%
Certain infectious and parasitic diseases 22.9 5.35% 243.8 1.63%
Atherosclerosis 0.5 0.12% 177.3 1.19%
Others 143.8 33.57% 2050.9 13.71%

Table 1: Death by underlying or multiple cause, expressed in rates per 100,000 people or in percentage of the total deaths, for the 2001 US population in two age groups: 45-54 years and 85 years of age and older. Source: CDC/NCHSNational Vital Statistics SystemMortality Dat



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