Have courage when you feel down. Hold another hand and take a peek. Many families caring for love ones who had cancer or chronic disease cannot do it alone. I cannot do this business alone, I surround myself with caring caregivers at Motherhealth LLC.

I tell families who are caring for their love ones to reach out to other resources. Seek help, do not be burned out caring for your love ones. You have to take care of your own bodies too.

I provide resources to families so that they can get a helping hand during the most stressful live event. We need to help each other, for some of us have just lost their love ones to cancer.

Share your room to others especially here in the bay area. If you want to donate your real estate to Motherhealth 501c3, you are welcome. PO Box 3138 Saratoga CA 95070.

I cannot complete the book, About Cancer by myself. Please share your stories and tips to make the book useful for ordinary people, non medical pros. Email motherhealth@gmail.com

We cannot live this life alone. Together we can experience more joys and peace.

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