Connie was born and raised in the Philippines. She is the eldest of the family of 6. At age 19, she has to support her family by working as a high school science and math teacher, while still completing her BS in math, minor in chemistry. She then worked at Intel and Acer and later on in various bay area biotech and medical device companies.

She has two children born at home with midwives. During the first three years of their lives, she stayed home and studied midwifery and nursing, home study. She went back to work after three years since the bay area standard of living is high and housing/day care is expensive.

She also worked for less than a year as a pharmacy technician instructor and always reminded her students the side effects of neuro meds and most medicines.  She was told by one bay area school where she wanted to be a certified Nurse Midwife that she cannot enroll with 2 young children and without writing a book. She then wrote an ebook, Birthing Ways Healing Ways, a holistic childbirth ebook.

In the bay area, she moved from one biotech to medical device companies and then she started her home care organization agency in 2018 to help families with finding caregivers and caring for their home-bound loved ones who had Alzheimers, cancer, Parkinsons and other chronic health diseases.

Since 2000, she has been helping caregivers working in care homes including her mother, who was a caregiver for 18 years by driving them and helping out.  She learned about senior care and care homes and had an RCFE administrator license but has no house to open a care home business  at that time. She also had worked as a caregiver when in between jobs for the last six years and learned about cancer and death.

She loves dancing and learning about cancer and health.

You can find her at Motherhealth LLC, www, , matching clients with caring caregivers and training caregivers.