My parents died of cancer and my other relatives of heart attack.  My two grandpas of Spanish descent I believe have an iron metabolism dysfunction which was not tested. This genetic disorder make us prone to liver and heart disease. I now vow to limit my alcohol and meat consumption.  I was also exposed to second-hand smoke as people around me would smoke without care for the health of others around them.

I just received my blood test today and it shows high blood glucose and homocysteine.

I eat red meat once a month and do moderate exercise.  I am conscious of my daily lifestyle since I wanted to maintain a disease free state.  Based on my daily food journal, I have been drinking almond milk, eating fish, veggies and been getting good sleep (<7 hours). I have to factor in stressors like starting a new job, death of my mother, and other unknowns.

I will now replace almond with soy milk and have more fiber rich whole foods.

I will now take in adequate Vitamin Bs and folate and do a regular walking exercise. I might include Yoga daily or Tai Chi in my daily routine.

I will get another blood test in a month to review my progress since it only cost me around $200 for my blood test at LifeExtension.