The way our bodies regulate and manage energy—our metabolism—and our body’s ability to defend itself against pathogens—the immune response—are closely linked because a strong immune response relies on energy, writes Hotamisligil. But an imbalance in this relationship can put us at risk for chronic metabolic diseases. Hotamisligil writes that there is now an opportunity to translate the increased knowledge about immunometabolism into interventions that one day may reduce the global burden (…) of those diseases. Weight loss caused by a fast metabolic rate is commonly a symptom of cancer.

Slow down your metabolism:

  1. Have a consistent meal time.
  2. Get adequate sleep
  3. Add strength training
  4. Eating sufficient calories
  5. Stand and walk more, sit less
  6. Drink no alcohol and drink more water.
  7. Have less stress, get a massage and be with nature.
  8. Get adequate calcium (2:1 calcium: magnesium ratio with vitamin D)