Journaling is therapeutic. Writing about health and cancer is my way of giving back to others about my experience in the area of health, cancer, and caregiving. When my father died of lung cancer and my mother of liver cancer, I vowed to educate the public of cancer signs and train my caregivers and clients about preventive care. As a former pharmacy tech instructor, I learned about our medicines. Antibiotics work and so are some medicines. We need surgery to remove tumors since our liver can regenerate if we are still young. We made mistakes with regards to the use of some drugs especially with seniors.  You can tell from their bruised skin that the acidic meds are breaking off the already fragile small capiliaries and other blood vessels.

There are winners in the home health care and cancer area. One of them is my client with interstitial lung disease and cancer. His doctors told him that he has only 6 months to live and with our home care with caring caregivers, he lived for more than 16 months and still is living today.  We use massage and healthy soups of sulfur rich veggies such as garlic and onions.  He used his knowledge about health as a former firefighter in Palo Alto. He used his mind power, even when his hospital Kaiser dismissed his case as terminal. He drinks his warm tea, protein shake, moves around with his prostetics, massages his legs and measures his oxygen level many times during the day with his pulse oximeter.

The other winner is me. I have no medical insurance for many years and I delivered my children at home with nurse midwives more than 20 years ago. I know that I have to monitor my health and own it.  With fast heart beat, the doctor said I can have surgery or just cough. I chose to cough and use preventive healing ways. I believe I have ingested or growing some bugs/toxins, thus the tachycardia. I asked my dentist to replace my metal fillings but he did not remove all.

Each time I visit a house of a senior needing home care, I inspect the canned foods in the kitchen, absence of filtered water, mold in the house, color of her/his feet and softness or harness of her/his stomach. Death approaches when there are black spots on the feet and the stomach is hard. I always asked the caregiver for night shift to hold the clients hands, use some massage oil (mix with essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary), pray with them and cheer them up.

I collected many health related answers from various sources including the internet and I posted them at and that I am now collecting all my posts in an ebook format. 20% of the profit will go to college funds of aspiring students and for affordable senior care and housing. The ebook will be free to all libraries and senior community centers.

Get your blood tests done regularly. When I told my mother’s doctor about the elevated liver enzymes in my mom’s blood test, she brushed it off as just my mom needing to rest more from working as a caregiver and to drink less alcohol. She died few years later of liver cancer.

Lung cancer cannot be detected without using an MRI and CAT scan. So when my father found out about his lung cancer diagnosis from the scans, he hid it from the family. He just arrived in California and does not want to die early and go home. He fought for 9 months with massage and juice from green papaya and apples.

My mother’s low platelet count and knee pain were observed for many months and many years before, she already complained of skin itching and pain in her abdomen. She does not want to be bed ridden. She fought for 2 weeks on the bed before she succumb to liver cancer.

I have taught bay area seniors about preventive health and taught caregivers about use of massage, healthy meals and holistic senior care. I learned from my mother who was a caregiver for 18 years and my grandma , Claudia, who used massage and herbs to heal us when we were young.

Many of my relatives died of heart disease. I suspect our family has an iron metabolism dysfunction. But now, there are many ways to learn about health and identify our chronic disease before it progresses from tumor markers to other biomarkers.

Thanks to the many scientists, geneticists, and health care team who bring health care and health care solutions to this century.

Please email other topics you want researched and included in the book in the area of health, healing and self care.  Hard bound printed version of this upcoming ebook will cost money to print, but you can also preorder , min 20 pieces.