It takes about 40 years for cancer to start growing in your body. It takes billions of its cell to be detectable. If we are over 80 years of age, we are many times more prone to getting cancer. How can we prevent it from growing?  We start by living with less stress, getting adequate night-time sleep, eating more veggies and whole foods than red meat and sugar. We walk on the beach, in the sun and drinking clean water and breathing clean air. Know that chemicals in most processed foods and packaged in toxic containers (such as metals like aluminum and other nonmetals) are endocrine disrupting chemicals that are carcinogenic, or cancer-causing substances.

In today’s genetic medicine, scientist have used virus to find and kill some of the cancer cells but not all.  There are many who lived thru 100 years and was able to kill any cancer causing pathogens, infections, chemicals, virus, bacteria, parasites, molds and fungus by avoiding them, eating whole foods (yams, tofu, vinegar, eggs, greens, to name a few).

To be continued…

Connie Dello Buono