When malignancy is the etiology of the knee pain, it is usually due to a primary tumor of the osseous structures or soft tissues of the knee joint. Metastatic disease involving the knee joint is uncommon, with few cases reported in the literature. Of these reported cases, metastatic colon or liver cancer is exceedingly rare.

My mother who died of liver cancer have knee pain in the last 3 years. I mentioned to her doctor that her liver enzymes are high based on her blood test. Her doctor told her to drink less alcohol and rest more as she is working past 80 years old.

Knee pain can occur as a sign of infection.  Be aware of the aches and pain in your body as these signs can tell of the current state of your body.

Knee massage

  1. Apply oil with eucalyptus.
  2. Massage the back of the knee.

Knee exercise

Find a physical therapist to show you range of motion exercises for your legs.

  1. Stretch your legs in sitting position.
  2. Raise your legs while sitting.
  3. Walk in the sun before 10am and after 3pm.


  • Sulfur and vitamin C rich foods such as oranges, garlic, onions and other citrus foods
  • Greens and fish for omega 3
  • zinc, magnesium with calcium, vitamin D