Six highest progesterone binding herbs and spices commonly consumed were oregano, verbena, Turmeric, thyme, red clover and Damiana.

High estrogen levels can cause a range of symptoms in females with a very high risk of breast or ovarian cancer.

Some post menopausal women are estrogen dominant and consuming greens can balance estrogen level as these herbs and greens are high progesterone binding.

Prevent excessive bleeding by controlling your extra estrogen and stress.  New research from Yale University may help explain why women are twice as likely as men to suffer from stress-related mental illnesses such as depression. Animal studies show that high levels of the female sex hormone estrogen affect the brain’s ability to deal with stress.

Synergistic effects of estrogen on cognitive and emotional function, particularly during psychosocial stress, may underlie the association of ovarian hormone fluctuation and depression in women.

The cortisol abnormality creates a domino effect on feedback loops involving the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. In this scenario, estrogen becomes elevated, thyroid hormone becomes bound, and B and T cells become deregulated. Diseases with this aberration as a primary etiological component range from allergies to severe cases of autoimmunity to cancer. The author has consistently identified excess estrogen or “estrogen dominance” as part of an endocrine-immune derangement present in many common diseases of dogs and cats.

Stress and depression can lead to Alzheimer’s and other diseases such as ovarian cancer.

Estrogen deficiency following menopause results in atrophic skin changes and acceleration of skin aging. … Estrogen insufficiency decreases defense against oxidative stress; skin becomes thinner with less collagen, decreased elasticity, increased wrinkling, increased dryness and reduced vascularity.

Balance your stress level for stress will show in your skin.