Before we reach the age of 40 or even 50, our mitochondria and all our cells are working together to get rid of invading pathogens and weakening of our membranes.  With air pollution, our lungs cannot provide the needed oxygen to all our cells. With the lack of CQ10 in our cells, there is less energy to put up a fight with the weakening of our cells.

With lack of sleep, our brain cannot detox our bodies. With the presence of sugar in the blood and amino acid alanine, cancer cells can grow slowly over time, around 30 years.  Alcohol, nicotine and other endocrine disrupting substances in our lifestyle contribute to our fast aging. Our liver are overloaded with medications, parasites and other pathogens.

Many of those who lived past 100, have the following in their diet, plant foods such as yams or sweet potatoes, tofu, greens and fresh fish. They don’t eat left overs, only fresh foods. No reheating is needed, creating toxic nitrites. They are not living under stress but instead, they are surrounded by nature.

In some European countries, there is a 3-day workweek once an adult reaches the age of 45.

So our bodies can identify and fight any invading pathogens and substances and our liver can regenerate especially when we are young. As we age, our cells are weaker to fight these pathogens and toxins with our membranes weak and have less energy.

We get energy from sleep, sunshine, clean air and water and other nutrients from plant foods.