Dangerous cat diseases and other health problems living with animals

Pets: are you aware of the risks to human health? – Medical News Today


Research Finds That Cat Parasite Could Be Linked to Mental Illness …

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Should Immunocompromised Patients Have Pets? – NCBI


Bite injuries constitute the greatest risk of contact with animals—dogscats, ferrets, and others. …. Other parasites that occasionally cause human disease are Ancylostoma … Both healthy and sick birds are reservoirs for Chlamydia psittaci, the cause of … afforded by pets must be kept in mind for those with chronic illnesses.

Pets and Parasites – familydoctor.org

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Simple steps for avoiding infections from dogs and cats – Harvard Health


Infections That Pets Carry – Kids Health


Missing: mental ‎| Must include: mental

Pet-Related Infections – American Family Physician

Nov 1, 2007 – Human contact with catsdogs, and other pets results in several million … Toxoplasmosis is one of the most common pet-related parasitic … or nasal secretions of infected birds can result in human infection. …. The benefits of pet ownership, including positive effects on mental health, outweigh potential risks …

Diseases You Can Get From Pets: Worms, Rabies, and … – Healthy Pets

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Pet Diseases Quiz – Health Encyclopedia – University of Rochester …

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5 Most Dangerous Cat Diseases | Animal Planet


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