Parasites and pollution are our two major health problems

According to Dr Hulda Clark, we must avoid pollution and clean our bodies from parasites by doing cleansing and use of electricity.  I visited my doctor yesterday to assess my health and after my long story, she scheduled me for 3-day parasite tests by collecting my fecal matter in the next 3 days. Before that, I already researched what I need to do to cleanse my liver, kidneys and other cells in my body. Where there are parasites, there are cancer cells. When my mom died of liver cancer, she found one long parasites 2 months before.

How much can we save by avoiding these 2 health problems? Our lives, our savings and the lives of those we love.

Can we avoid pollution?  Yes we can if our life depends on it and to remember that health care costs is expensive at a time that we are already retired.

The following are major pollutants in our bodies:all dental metal fillings, chemical fumes, x-rays, unfiltered water and non-sterilized foods such as milk, environmental molds and fungus, and living with animals as sources of toxins that pollutes our body.

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