According to the National Academy of Sciences dietary and lifestyle choices includes the use of alcohol, hormonal medications and tobacco. Integrative Oncologist believes that ideal diet for all cancer patients is a diet that is low in simple sugar, milk products, fried foods, red meats, cured or smoked meats, sodas, food additives and saturated fats.

Toxic Metals Can Be Cancer Trigger

Integrative oncologist use hair analysis as a test as it can easily detect heavy metal toxicity. These toxins are also a hidden trigger for cancer irritation, and many toxic metal alloys can be found in dental amalgams. According to Dr. Thomas Rau tooth in the human body relates to specific organ. In his research, 90% of all breast cancer is associated with dental disease. Biological dentist known that there is a solid relationship between dental disease and much systemic disease.

Other Notable Cancer Triggers

Tobacco is one of the notable cancer triggers. A third of the United States adult population either smokes or uses smokeless tobacco, and another unknown percentage is exposed to passive smoke in confined spaces such as cars, buses houses, clubs, workplace and theatres. Lung cancer that is related to smoking is now the leading cause of cancer deaths both men and women.

In addition to this, neck and head cancers, including cancers of salivary glands, sinuses, and nasopharyngeal areas, tobacco smoke can either trigger or promote cancer of the tongue, tonsils, larynx, trachea, bronchial  tubes and the lung itself.