Every week, I have foot massage, walk on the beach, eat salads and whole foods and tried to get adequate sleep. I want to avoid chronic inflammation from parasites, effects of high stress hormones and to prevent cancer and other auto-immune disease.  Low stress can mean we work 4 days a week but high stress is working 2 jobs, more than 60 hours a week in our 50s.

It is not so late even in my 50s. I wish to save and do preventive actions now regarding my health than spend all my savings in health care. Health care costs can be avoided if we spend time and money on preventive measures.  Libraries will soon receive the free ebook that I am completing about health and conversations about cancer, parasites, self care and home care.

Connie Dello Buono

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Cortisol is also a potent anti-inflammatory hormone; it prevents the widespread tissue and nerve damage associated with inflammation. In addition to its paramount role in normal daily function, cortisol is a key player in the stress response.

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The linkage between gut functions on the one hand and emotional and … yeasts, helminth parasites, viruses, and protozoa (Lankelma et al., 2015, Eckburg et al., …. salivary cortisol awakening response in healthy people (Schmidt et al., 2015). ….. Peripheral administration of pro-inflammatory cytokines in rodents induces a …

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Missing: parasites ‎| Must include: parasites

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