I am completing an ebook on cancer and healing ways and it will be free to all libraries around the world and 50% discounted to all Filipinos.  It is my hope that we can save on health care costs and prevent cancer from multiplying 20 years from now. Cancer containment starts with addressing the parasites in our bodies and environmental toxins.

Knowing signs and symptoms and benefits of healthy lifestyle from whole foods , herbs and cooking or food prep practices will help us contain cancer in its early stage.

I curated all my anwers at quora,com and posts in this site which is a collection of posts from other researchers, scientists and bloggers. Please seek advice from your doctor early and do not use our information as standard of care. Doctors cure and we heal our bodies if we have the knowledge and resources. Medicines are useful in some cases and so are foods, herbs, massage, exercise, happiness and supplements.

More than 20% of the proceeds from the ebook will be to support college students and provide affordable housing in the bay area and the Philippines.

Connie Dello Buono

Motherhealth Inc 501c3

PO Box 3138 Saratoga, CA 95070