Goat’s dairy and raw dairy products are best sources of dairy in terms of nutrition, beneficial enzymes and natural protein structure.  Ensure that it is certified free if harmful microorganisms such as parasites.

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Insects such as stable flies, house flies, horn flies, face flies, mosquitoes, horse flies, deer flies, cattle grubs, and lice as well as ticks and mites are the major external parasites of dairy animals in the United States….


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Dairy Sci. 1982 Nov;65(11):2189-93. External parasites of dairy cattle. Christensen CM. Insects such as stable flies, house flies, horn flies, face flies, …

Parasitic diseases of cattle impair health, reproduction, growth, and productivity. In severe cases, parasitic diseases may even cause death. These diseases are …

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Jul 16, 2014 – Most people are fascinated, and probably equally repulsed, by parasites. And it may be something you think you only need to worry about if you …

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External Parasites of Dairy Cattle. 02 September 2009. One of the most challenging characteristics of flies is their behaviour of being in contact with livestock for …

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Nov 11, 2012 – Improving herd comfort can add to the bottom line. Follow these steps when developing a whole-herd external-parasite control program.

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Older cattle frequently have been exposed to the parasites and developed a degree … Dairy calves confined to small lots around the farmstead may need to be …