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Plastics , hormone disruptor

In Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley,” pollution from chemical plants has pushed cancer rates to 50 times the United States average.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine disruptors may be found in many everyday products– including plastic bottles.

Now, residents’ lives are set to get even harder.

A proposed plastics mega-complex will spew millions of tons of pollutants tied to cancer, heart and lung disease, and other serious illnesses. 

This complex, owned by shady chemical corporation Formosa Plastics, will be one of the biggest plastic plants on earth — churning out 2.4 million tons of raw plastic a year for single-use junk like bags and straws.

Locals are battling this vast new plant, but money-hungry government officials are ignoring their demands.

On August 12, we have a huge chance to stop this plastic disaster. That’s the deadline for public comment on the air pollution permits needed to start construction. If we can show massive opposition to Formosa’s mega-polluting complex, Louisiana officials will be forced to back down.

Tell Louisiana officials: We won’t let you sacrifice our health and oceans for plastic junk. Stop Formosa Plastics now!

Everywhere Formosa Plastics goes, disaster follows.

The Taiwan-based corporation caused the worst environmental disaster in Vietnam’s history, illegally discharging chemicals that poisoned 125 miles of coastline and killed hundreds of acres of coral reef.

In Louisiana, Formosa’s sprawling complex would be located just 1 mile from an elementary school — and in the middle of St. James Parish, a low-income, mainly Black area that’s already suffering from horrific air pollution.

But Formosa isn’t invincible. Texas residents just won a huge case against Formosa for the years it illegally dumped raw plastics into waterways. The corporation must now pay up to $162 million in fines.

Add your voice: Tell Louisiana officials to vote NO on polluting, law-breaking Formosa Plastics!

Louisiana officials think this is a small, local issue. But we know it’s not. This is part of the oil and gas industry’s $180-billion plan to nearly double plastic production in the next decade — a move that could annihilate our oceans.

Luckily, the world is turning against polluting plastics. SumOfUs members like you just won historic legislation in Canada that will phase out single-use plastics. People power has pushed hundreds of other cities, states and countries to take action against plastic too.

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