Taxes. They will sell it to pay for their home care and nursing care. They will sell it to help family members buy their first home and to downsize or retire in a cheaper country.

Some would not want to leave the community, hospitals and neighbor they are accustomed to. Most will not sell for fear of paying to much in taxes.

Some who moved to a care home and paying between $5k to $11k per month have to choice but to sell their homes if they have no long term care health insurance.

Some leave the decision to sell their homes to their children if they are moving in another city for their care home or nursing home care.

If you want to pay for your home care, Motherhealth caregivers can work with you in area of renting out the other rooms to airbnb or renter to have enough funds to pay for home care. Text 408-854-1883

Motherhealth Inc 501c3 is accepting real estate donations. PO Box 3138 Saratoga , CA 95070

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