“Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer”
Signs of the preactive and active phase of dying, medications for terminally ill
Holistic bay area senior care , caregiver, services, health data and mission
Apple cider vinegar kills parasites, cleansing to the liver and prevents stroke
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Non pasteurized beers have more health benefits
Philippines Coconut Wine -Tuba
DMSO, hydrogen peroxide and Vit C fight cancer cells
Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise with nose breathing to lower blood pressure and thin blood
Foods to eat and avoid when you have Gout and leg pains
How important is the thymus gland in keeping your body free from diseases?
MEDICATIONS TO AVOID that worse PD (Parkinson’s disease)
NAC, activated charcoal , sleep and parasites
MSM powder benefits – Alzheimer is a sulfur deficiency
Heal your pancreas, liver and kidney cells
Massage oil of fresh ginger and coconut oil relieves joint pain
16 Tips On How To Treat HPV Naturally And Effectively At Home
What’s a good analogy to explain the immune system?
Can balsamic vinegar help with gout?
Mullein herb for lung and breast health – COPD signs, symptoms and diagnosis
Avoid chronic bronchitis with green apple, onions, garlic, vinegar and rest
Carrot juice and Esophageal Cancer
Anabolic and catabolic process, hormones and exercise
Iodine prevents cancer growth; up avocado and reduce caffeine intake to prevent Thyroid cancer
Healing your kidneys – Dr Mercola
Longevity foods, herbs and nutrients
Baking soda , lemon and apple cider vinegar to repair kidney damage from sugar
Slimy veggies, saluyot and okra fight cancer
Browning or caramelized sugar is a carcinogen
Chloride rich foods are cleansing
Can Gout be cured permanently?
Skin cancer stories
Toxic protein, aging and wrinkled skin
Weird Facts about Tall and Short People by Lisa Collier Cool
Hunched posture in Dementia and Parkinsons
Ultrasound kills bacteria , frequency and music killing cancer cells
Fungus , raw carrots and prostate cancer
Fatigue and Red (bloodshot) eyes from WebMD
Anti-aging and Parkinson/Alzheimer’s prevention: Enzymes and apple cider vinegar
Butyrate in butter, green bananas , plant oils to burn fat
Fasting, sun bathing ,Vit C, Lysine, turmeric, green tea, carrots and raw food diet to reduce tumor size
IHSS Santa Clara County pays caregivers $13 per hour to help you care for your aging parents
Alcohol Abuse Linked to Sepsis, Mortality in Critical Patients
Leaky gut, leaky brain, eat your garlic and pickles by C Guthrie
Philippines president Dutarte asked each town to prepare a list of drug users and pushers
Gout, Dementia, Chelation Therapy
Prostate health, intensive nutrition and AGELOC Youth as anti-inflammatory
Alzheimer’s, pork and food statistics
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Spices that boost testosterone
Prostate flush and masturbation
Raising Inspired Children by Dr Joe Dispenza
Restore your vision naturally y Dr. Mercola
Detox your lungs from air pollution and metal toxins and for early lung cancer
Teeth marks on the side of the tongue and liver inflammation
Increase the body’s oxygen carrying capacity with exercise, EPO and whole foods
Tryptophan – Niacin – NAD = Anti-aging
Fight VIRUS with Enzymes from pineapple and papaya, baking soda, alkaline food, calcium and magnesium from whole foods
When will Souvenaid become available in Canada and US to treat Alzheimer’s Disease?
Boron fights radiation by Dr Mercola
Nitric Oxide for strong blood vessels’ cells , up with exercise, melons, cucumber, Vit C, E, amino acid – L-arginine, L-citrulline
Cash flow analysis worksheet template
Leg cramps, heart muscles, magnesium and CQ10
Parasites to colitis to Alzheimer’s disease
Surviving prostate cancer by Dr Mercola
Vitamin B and Pineapple for nerve damage by Dr E. Kane
Gastroparesis, Betain HCL, diabetes and stomach health
Good fats, SCFA – short chain fatty acids
Fruits and leaves of Figs as anti-cancer
Hemochromatosis patients should be on a low-iron diet
Eggplant and apple cider vinegar for skin cancer
Digestive enzymes help in healing fractures, preventing kidney stones and heart disease and more
Hiatal Hernia, Pancreatitis, Pancreatic Cancer and the Western Diet
Zinc and lemongrass for skin health issues
Toxicology test for pregnant women
Thyme herb for toe fungus (guava and comfrey leaves and others)
Iron and sweet wormwood herb kill breast cancer cells in 16hrs
Herbal oil for Lice, Scabies and skin issues
Root Canal and Implants by Dr Mercola
Soursop fruit and Esophageal Cancer
Pineapple, celery, carrots and Arthritis
Aspirin is harmful to our kidneys
Growth hormone rich foods
Pelvic floor massage and exercise
Dr Mercola on Knee Osteoarthritis
Boron in Almonds and avocados for your bones
What is Precision, predictive and Personalize Medicine vs patient-centered care
Coconut and yams or sweet potatoes vs whole wheat
Growth hormone DHEA increases libido/anti-aging
Frequency of the human body, whole foods, canned foods
How to Prepare Oregano Leaves for Cough Medicine
Liver cleanse to help your vision and memory
Enjoy experiences and moments with your mother
Aging, Immune system, Thymosin hormones, and Vitamin D supplementation
Why New Antidepressant Brintellix May Be a Killer
Dr Mercola’s Diverticulitis diet
Healing tips, arthritis, skin, digestive and stress issues
Vagus nerve stimulation thru breathing, laughs and yoga
We service bay area for in home care
Lung cancer in the Philippines
Eat protein-rich food when drinking alcohol to protect your stomach
What are the benefits of eating chicken soup during pregnancy?
Free first 50-pages of ebook – Why we are sick and fighting cancer?
Pre-clinical planning and eval of medical devices
Case Note Sample Narratives from visiting nurses, social workers and physical therapists for home care patients

Dark purple berries or Black currant juice and eggs for upping up sex drive
Less melanin in white people leads to less folate for blood production
What will happen if a person accidentally drinks kerosene/petrol/diesel?
Poor bowel control, dementia, low potassium levels and the brain
Neck pain and MTHFR gene , folate , methionine
ALS and coconut oil
Antisocial personality disorder in 70% of prison inmates
Shark oil for your skin, wound healing and overall health
A balance of dopamine and serotonin for your brain function
Do obese people have a higher or lower metabolic rate?
Chest pain, flu and fever
Guava leaves and Esophageal cancer
Cooked your greens rich in oxalates to prevent kidney stones
Natural Laxative
What I Learned About Eye Floaters
Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis by Dr Mercola
Inclined Bed Therapy
Lyme Disease by Dr Mercola
3 Threats: become ill,die too soon,live too long with no income
Anti-aging steroids, pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA
Brain detox, eyes,
Tanglad or lemongrass to help lower blood pressure
Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale, a test of sociopathy
How diet can change your epigenome and affect cancer and chromatin of DNA
Links – Senior Care in the USA
Caffeine withdrawal symptoms
Hip replacement and kidney stones
Parkinson and Exercises
Vitamin B3, Leukemia, aging and cancer
Organic foods, boron and cancer
Does eating peanuts affect eczema or psoriasis?
Probabilistic Programming and Bayesian Methods for Hackers
Papaya for anti-cancer: How to eat papaya to fight cancer
Parasites and their effects on your immune system
Acetylcholine/Choline Deficiency in Chronic Illness – eat soft boiled eggs
Metabolism is life sustaining and sum of all chemical reactions for growth and death of cells
Healing your body with Nutritional Food plan by Dr Mercola
Make your own alkaline water to kill any virus growth
Dementia = Low blood pressure + low potassium + diabetes + sleep cycle
FOXO3, a gene linked to intelligence and involved in insulin signalling that might trigger apoptosis
The MIND vs. the Mediterranean Diet
Heavy metals and epilepsy
Folate – Vit B9 deficiency or MTHFR gene mutation
Clean up our lymps to reduce restless leg syndrome
Massage to clean your lymps and help with attacking any virus
Calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D3 and K2 and Omega-3s cut risk of cancer
Yerba buena for head aches, fever and other ailments
Complications of Low Potassium and sodium and magnesium for balance
Guava for thinning hair, gastric cancer and for health
My scientist friend asked how to detox or clean his body from toxins
Chronic antacid use adverse effects to your kidneys
CAM, holistic ways on cancer, depression, heart health, women and men
Alcohol Withdrawal in the Setting of Elevated Blood Alcohol Levels
TP53 gene affects tumor suppression
Restore your hearing naturally by Dr Mercola
In Sympathetic Nervous System Why the digestion of food is slow? Where as in fight or flight we need more energy.?
Anti-aging Vitamin B3, Niacin
ADUs or granny flats in San Jose – guides
Negative emotions, cortisol, immune system and neurological disorders
Food and Drug Interactions
Excessive sweating and Parkinsons
Anti aging, exercise, low calorie, AMPK, rose hips and Gynostemma
Cancer signs by Dr Mercola
Restless Legs Syndrome in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease
Dry mouth and bad breath by Dr Mercola
Kidney health factors by Dr Mercola
Damage to Blood–brain barrier (BBB) pathways leading to Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
Parkinson and Copper Toxicity by Michael McEvoy
Hiring male caregivers in Fairfield California
IRS-1 protein in blood, indicative of Alzheimer
12 Life Lessons along the Path to Enlightenment by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.
Misdiagnosed thyroid cancers by Dr Mercola
I’m my mom’s caregiver
Serum vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 as predictor of Chronic Heart Failure
Health News from Dr Axe
Hyaluronic Acid rich foods to prevent epilepsy or seizures
Parasites and Diabetes
Tea tree oil and baking soda removed my skin tags and warts
Japanese and American children – first 3 years in education
How Jill healed cervical cancer naturally nearly 40 years ago!
Blindness and Amnesia cure using Optogenetics
Bone spurs, free calcium and Dementia
Hiccups: Natural Ways to Get Rid of Them Fast
Copper toxicity and mental diseases
Let lovers be crazy, disgraceful and wild, for those who fret about such things aren’t in love. Rumi
Yohimbine and sleep apnea
Boron fights radiation by Dr Mercola
Oxygen. Deadly cancer enemy. Deep breath
Rheumatoid Arthritis by Dr Mercola
Roman Coriander, Fennel flower or Black Cumin Seed Oil as an anti-tumor, anti-gastritis and anti-convulsant oil
Can high SGPT and SGOT lead to heart disease?
Blocking Neuron Signaling Pathway May Lead to New Treatments For Peripheral Neuropathy
My dad has serum creatinine 2.49. Is that threatening? He is diabetic.?
Resveratrol and calorie restriction activates SIRT1 , anti-aging gene
Drug Interaction Probability Scale – DIPS
Mesolimbic pathway in the brain and drug addiction
Lemon grass or Tanglad to fight insomia
Benefits of activated charcoal by Dr Axe
Guava and water apple to fight diabetes
Boiled eggs and vinegar for diabetes
Cough remedies from Dr Mercola
Lung cancer and heavy metal toxins
Hypocalcemia and Sepsis
Are there any programmers with Alzheimer’s disease?

Drug-Induced Urinary Incontinence
Raw eggs for healing
Influential people in Health Care
Washington Post 7-24-2017
Shingles Natural Treatments
Magnesium for urinary tract health
DNA Damaging agents and repair, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson and other disease
Immune system, bone marrow, anti-cancer, shark oil
Thymosin beta 4 and Skin Repair
Torn ligaments, injuries in bones and tissues
Carcinogenic TBHQ in ramen noodles
Free ebook on cancer-free healing ways and curated health info
Early synapse loss to Alzheimer’s disease
Stroke and care after
Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Bay area
Medical and Medicare-Paid Pharma and Cancer genetic tests
Massage oil of fresh ginger and coconut oil relieves joint pain
Blood-type based diet and Anti-Inflammatory-based diet
Does drinking warm water reduce cholesterol?
Can Adderall damage to dopamine receptors be repaired?
Balance your Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins with Happy foods
Alzheimer, food additives, diabetes
Seniors are over medicated in America
Root cause analysis in health care
Stretching for seniors
More Evidence That Natural Plant Compound May Reduce Aging’s Cognitive Effects
My 82-yr old mom has groin pain -Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Omega, Potassium
Links – Senior Care in the USA
Whole foods prevent inflammation
Toning or making elongated vowel sounds to heal your body
Naturopathic Doctor Uses Nutrition To Cure 8-Year Old of Brain Cancer After Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Failed
Your complete DNA sequence will help shape the future of medicine
Cervical cancer and nutrition
Baking soda for mosquito bites
Guava fruit, leaves and bark, as super fruit for the liver and rich in Vit C and E
The World’s Top Call-Center Nation Has a People Problem
Foods that delay the rate of brain atrophy in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Viral infection affects the vascular system and the brain
If You Get the Chills From Music, you have ability to feel intense emotions
Dr Mercola’s book – Fat for Fuel
Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal
Is there a good natural alternative to Ranitidine?
Daily Kos Recommended
$200 complete blood count test from Life Extension and Lab Corp
Reverse fatty liver with raw green and fruit juice blend – glutathione rich
Skin cancer stories
Disease prediction with HELO wearable, own a piece of the market
Alzheimer’s disease prevention with Vit D, Vit C and low histamine foods or raw/whole foods
Apple cider vinegar for knee swelling and more uses by Dr Mercola
Falls in the Elderly: Causes, Injuries, and Management
MEDICATIONS TO AVOID that worse PD (Parkinson’s disease)
Foot creams – DIY and home made
Most common signs and symptoms of health issues
Digestive enzymes kills parasites to prevent cancer
How does Yakult help digestion?
Food pairings to lose weight
The loss of SETD8 triggers cellular senescence
Save $5000 per year by taking care of your heart and liver
Negative emotions, cortisol, immune system and neurological disorders
Fasting starves cancer cells
Clinical practice guideline for the management of patients with Parkinson’s disease
Stop aging of your face with DIY Vitamin C serum by wellnessmama
Colorectal cancer and gut microbiome
Soluble fiber encapsulates bad fats and sugar out of your body
Racial disparities in concentrated poverty in major US cities 2009-13
Impotence Q&A with Dr Irwin Goldstein
How to reduce cancer cells
New law in California for 2019
Rights and Obligations As To Human Remains and Burial
Smart Home accommodations for seniors and special needs
Care plan
Ketamine and Psychedelic Drugs Change Structure of Neurons
Nicotinamide Riboside converting 60yr old to 20yr old cells in mice, an anti-aging miracle (metabolic and brain issues)
Depression, Folate, SAMe and serotonin
Brain food , sources of GABA and for brain cell growth
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell implicated in Russia-Trump
Link between liver disease and heart problems
Eggs for happiness/joy
Top health posts in the last 30 days
Glycogen Metabolism and Energy Metabolism of the Brain
The Common Good by Robert Reich
Foods for parasite cleanse
Blue bions – high energy whole foods kills T-bacilli cancer cells
Libido-boosting diet and lifestyle for men and women
Nutrition Services are tax deductible
Fat or lipid absorption
Kidneys, lungs, immune system and virus
More nitrate-reducing bacteria in saliva causes Migraine
How quickly do different cells in the body replace themselves?
What Causes Muscle Cramps and Spasms?
Lung disease: COPD among white and black women
Top physician executives in health care
About cancer, what can you do about it?
Hair loss,breast cancer, Zinc and Copper balance
Warfarin, NSAID, Magnesium, Atrial Fibrillation, Dementia
Signs of the preactive/ active phase of dying and medications for terminally ill
Soda and Diabetes
Anti-aging and repairs DNA – Niacin in Avocado, peanuts and turkey
EMF and Diabetes
My 83-yr old mother’s fight against liver cancer
Robert Mueller III stood up against corruption
How to heal a weak liver
Colors in iris of eyes
Essential oils, smell, brain, healing
ALOE FEROX plant extract (a laxative agent in South Africa) increased intestinal secretion and motility in constipated rats
Top health tips on Feb 14, 2019
How Jill healed cervical cancer naturally nearly 40 years ago!
FDA and cloud-based medical device
Step 1 to cancer free: Limit stress that leads to high blood glucose and lipids
Can pomegranate juice help with gout? If so, how?
Hypocretin, Insomia or Sleep Disturbances, Narcolepsy, Depression and Parkinson’s
Bitter gourd or bitter melon for body builders, diabetics, HIV infection
No Buttons Zipperless pants for the elderly and disabled
Needless medical tests not only cost $200 billion, they can do harm
Proton pump inhibitors can destroy brain cells
Improve bile flow to get rid of toxins in your body
Safe herbs: milk thistle, kava kava, Echinacea, black cohosh and St. John’s wort
Vitamin D rich foods to prevent seizures
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), estrogen and phytoestrogens
Preventing Elder Abuse, Assault and Theft
Group fitness instructors needed in the bay area
100 points to cancer free: sleep
Durable Power of Attorney – California
Toxins in popcorn bag and DIY 5 min home cooked popcorn
Bay Area affordable apartments start at $1477 per month, 1BR rent
15 Amazing Benefits Of Guava – constipation, weight loss, diabetes and more
What is the cure for stomach acidity
8.69% return to break even upon home purchase
Metabolic pathway provides cues for cancer, aging and health care
Prostate cancer, Dr Mercola
The secret to long life if you are bed-ridden with cancer is a Caregiver
How to create better air quality in your home
Shape of microbes matter in phagocytosis
Cooked Taro the most nutritious root veggie
Mitochondrial disease , anti-oxidants, nutrition test and Dementia
Subornation of perjury
Disease condition and odor symptom
Nicotine and cocaine have same effects
Home health options for seniors at home
Why do people always ask for boiling water when helping a woman give birth?
Vitamin B5 – Panthothenate – for Schizophrenia
Toxic chemicals /environmental toxins/carcinogens affect the estrogens/other hormones in our cells
Gene List
Mike Pence Implicated in Treason Scandal
John Cleese: Letter to the United States of America
Why does urine smell burnt?
Authorization for Release of Protected Health Info – California
How We Chose the Best Long-Term Care Insurance Providers
Why life expectancy in the Philippines decreased?
Free Ivy league Universities in France
Vitamin A deficient lung – COPD – hospice in home senior care
Scientific evidence for and against caffeine
Liver supplements for my mom from Life Extension
Risks of Testosterone Therapy Dr Mercola
Voter suppression: how much Trump’s commission is spending to investigate fake voter fraud allegations
Estrogen and Alzheimer
Can percumin prevent Parkinson’s disease?
Crumb Rubber in artificial turf and other carcinogens
Virus, ALS , Vitamin C and carotenoid
Lectin, gluten, stomach, fasting, toxins, wheat, and foods
Ailments and plant species, ethnobotany
Slow the aging process by lengthening your telomeres
Youth gene expression , vitality and aging
California cottages starts at $30,000 for 250+ sq ft
Belly fat , protein, lemon , sage tea and exercise
Degenerative Joint Disease by Dr Axe
Check your bile acid production and stress level for fat metabolism
Sulfur-rich foods as regulator of nerves and vital organ functions, egg production and cell growth
L-glutamine in food sources to fight diabetes
A journal retracted a study linking genetically modified corn to tumor growth and death risk in rats
News Medical – Medical & Life Sciences
Low carb diet to kill tumor cells, and more healthy protein and good fats
Taste Of Beer Triggers Release Of Dopamine, happy neurotransmitter ; Cocaine bullies dopamine; MAO affects dopamine levels
Foods and exercises that increase serotonin to prevent Dementia
Best Practices in Managed Substance Use Disorder Treatment
Benefits of Giving Blood by Dr Mercola
Who is an ideal caregiver?
Oxytocin and Social Norms Reduce Xenophobia
Not patentable anti-cancer plant-fruit , soursop or Guyabano fruit, Vitamins C and B-rich
Eat folate-rich whole foods to prevent Down Syndrome
Parsley, Natto, green tea and kiwi clean clogged arteries
Drug prescribing for older adults in the USA
2 soft boiled eggs is 0 points , my weight watcher journey
Cancer Hijacks the Microbiome to Glut Itself on Sugar
White opioids: Pharmaceutical race and the war on drugs that wasn’t
Cancer cells prevent you from sleeping at night in order to survive
Pneumonia, Liposomal Vit C, immune system
Healing power of Filipino dish of mung beans with green jackfruit
Top Bay area doctors in 2017
Feed This To Your Brain and Say Goodbye to Chronic Pain – Dr. Alan Mandell, D.C.
Deaths by Opioids, doctors must recognize addiction and stop it early
How important is the thymus gland in keeping your body free from diseases?
I’m 36 years old, and my SGPT level is 131. Is this serious? How can I reduce my SGPT level in a week?
Measles – virus prevention
Oldest Men and Women in the world
Avoid toxins that inflame the brain causing Alzheimer
How to fight toxic build up in the brain
Jackfruit and cancer
Cholera killed thousands in Yemen
elder financial exploitation
Can Alzheimer’s be prevented?
Washington Post 1-12-2018
Reuse and do not reheat some foods
Depriving Deadly Brain Tumors Of Cholesterol , parasites need cholesterol
No alcohol in January: benefits
How my dad shaped me as a person
A gift for our home alone seniors
Epilepsy client on Dilantin and Amlodipine
Reducing belly fat
Butyrate from fermented carbs
Medical doctors: 2014 tax law changes , impact and financial strategies
Binding of sugar to proteins undesirably modifying body tissues
Brain repair diet
Uncaria Tomentosa (“Cat’s Claw); Anti Malaria”
La Bella Condos in Tagaytay Philippines – own one – contact Madeline Sophie
Anti-inflammatory diet relieves pain
Caregivers care for patients based on trajectories of diseases
Hair loss,breast cancer, Zinc and Copper balance
Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, Thyroid and Anti-oxidant
Blind services in California
What is Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome?
ALS from virus, some liver cancer from parasites and fibromyalgia from gut microbes
Medicare billing cost for chest pain per state
Genetics of infertility, zinc, pituitary gland and Endocrine disruptors
1:1 Sugar to fiber ratio for healthy food
Dry mouth and bad breath by Dr Mercola
Toxins in green potatoes
10 lots in Tagaytay Philippines as rental income Now
Virus and groin pain in older adults
Sovaldi , for Hepatitis C, is $483 in India and $84,000 in the USA
20% of Motherhealth caregiving income funds college students
About Connie Dello Buono
What foods contribute to high triglycerides?
Vagus Nerve Stimulation May Reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms
Way of cooking rice to remove toxins
Intestinal mucus, immune system , and gut microbiome and colon cancer
Sepsis prevention from Dr Axe
Detect cancer early – Biological Impedance Analysis (part 1)
Stop your cravings with purple fruits/veggies and power of your mind
You are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza
Belly Fat: Can Poor Thyroid Function Increase Your Waistline?
Aphrodisiac foods
Ketosis: anti-brain fog, neurotransmitters, dietary protein, and the gut microbiome
Top 10 Poisons that are the legacy of Monsanto
Toxic plants for the liver
Obesity rate per USA states
Coming Collapse of the Middle Class with Elizabeth Warren
How to build a house in Santa Cruz county
Antioxidants to increase sperm count
Binge eating and Rhodiola rosea
Last stage of liver and lung cancer, pain and fluid build up
Histamine intolerance, genes and diet by Dr Lynch
Cancer healing with music
Is mistyping words a sign of Alzheimers?
Nutrients for Epilepsy
How do you lower your stress levels
Liver meridians, points to access to promote healing
Potassium and Vitamin K in Avocado
Experience brighter, smoother and softer skin
My laboratory result are my sgpt is 167.9 and my sgot is 92.1 what will I do to got normal result?
18 DIY Home Remedies for Diarrhea
10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease That Doctors Often Miss
Latest news on Asthma
Sea salt drink to kill parasites and microbes
MIND Diet modified to kill parasites
Why does Wellbutrin make me fidgety?
Keeping our brain healthy from birth to 100
How to lower your lab or hospital bills?
How we do home care for those who are in hospice care in the bay area
Connective tissue syndrome , cysts and cytokines
Business ownership, real estate and paper assets are your path to wealth building
Emergency Room Visit Cost How Much Does an Emergency Room Visit Cost?
Plastics , hormone disruptor
Anti-inflammatory herbs: panax notoginseng and others
Smokers have a thinner outer brain layer than non-smokers
Declutter – KonMari Method
When to see a dermatologist or doctor
Is there a link between ecstasy/MDMA and Parkinson’s Disease?
Tulsi Gabbard
Starve cancer cells with low cal ketogenic diet
A recession is when your neighbor loses his job and a depression is when you lose your job
Number of doctors per 1000 population
Bay area home cooked meals delivered
Why I am writing a cancer related ebook?
Toxic drugs , brain and Dopamine levels
When to hire a live-in or 12-hour caregiver in the bay area
Blood test panel, women
Link between fish consumption and cardiovascular (CV) health
Elon Musk, from South Africa, was an immigrant
Cancer cells want high fat and an attack on the Pancreas
Emerging issues: Alzheimer’s disease in Indian Country
Doctors cure and we heal our bodies
Cervical cancer and nutrition
Caregiver at home in the bay area or nursing home
Boiled eggs and vinegar for diabetes
The so called President blaming others is psychological projection
Survey shows 74 percent of Americans living with GI discomfort
A plumber died of lung cancer, COPD causes
Top health hacks 8-1-2019
Genetic Marker for Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease – Folate and Vit B12 pathways
Last Will and Testament – California example
Sleep, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorders
How to increase appetite when fighting cancer
Fitness, not physical activity, mitigates negative effects of prolonged sitting
Your own health food store with free Bahamas trip – Valentine sales
Creative brain at 50-60 yr old
Having a baby after age 35 can increase your mental health
Over medicated and constipated , natural remedies
Gene test can help some breast cancer patients avoid chemo
Sleep, blue light, diabetes, fat, and brain detox
Brain to immune system communication
1200 calorie for 50 plus , standing and sleeping effects on calories burned
Cost of complete DNA sequencing from $95,000 to $1,5000
Daily Kos Recommended
The Wrong Gut Bugs Can Make You Fat and Sick (and How to Fix Them)
How can I increase dopamine transporters?
Ciliopathies lie behind many human diseases
Sleep solutions and adequate sleep can prevent Alzheimer
Beauty Skin Care – Tonic Drink
Gut Bacteria Influence Parkinson’s Risk , Vegan vs American diet
Only two major health problems that causes cancer and chronic diseases
Nutrigenomics, anti-aging and obesity
Top healing ways 3-29-2019
Salted caramelized sugar and brain opioids
Hillary is the rightful President of the United States
Massage to glowing skin
Medicinal plants and uses
Health Care Data on chronic disease, hospitals, health insurance, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania
Acidic carbonated soda, bone loss and early menopause, magnesium deficiency
What Coffee Does to the Heart, Brain, & Body – Dr. Alan Mandell D.C.
400 home care agencies in the bay area
Can dogs smell cancer in humans?
Curcumin: anti-parasitic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, gastrointestinal effects, inhibits carcinogenesis and cancer growth
Liver health and wrinkled skin
Coconut Oil facts from Dr Mark Hyman
Sulfur-rich foods for eczema
What health problem is associated with high protein intake?
Tumor markers
Senior resources list
Cost of senior care services
Obsessive -compulsive disorder controlled by mGluR5 brain receptor
Menu for the healthy plus kitchen tips
Brain related topics answered by Connie at quora.com
Toxic metals and BPA in babies and copper as culprit in Alzheimer’s brain
Autoimmune disease prevalence worldwide
Reducing Failures or Defects in Medical Device a Corrective and Preventive Action Plan
Long Term Insurance
Something to say about cancer
Exome DNA sequencing test versus whole genome DNA test
Unfit to serve T-shirts
Dr Perlmutter on ADHD and diet, ketosis and Parkinsons, and Dementia
Carbon monoxide poisoning and Dementia
Top 6400 topics at this site in 2017
Can methamphetamine bring on the menstrual cycle?
Healing from within, transform inside and out – Part 1
Anti aging plants and herbs
Dissolve kidney stones
$32k bungalow on wheels
Reduce the stress hormone cortisol
Soy lecithin granules for heart and brain
French Elderly Healthcare Issues
John Cleese: Letter to the United States of America
Let’s rank hospitals by services and staff pay and not by surgeries
Roth IRA and Index Universal Life Policy, both tax free retirement plans
NIMH: Men and mental health
Alzheimer’s gut bacteria, virus and iron dysregulation
Trump-Republican tax plan is monstrously unfair
Why do estate planning
Aspartame patent reveals E. coli feces used
Stomach pain, skin issues, insomnia and headache should be monitored early on to prevent future chronic diseases
Coconut oil, ground ginger, ground cayenne pepper, ground turmeric, grapeseed oil as anti-arthritis balm for pain relief
Small intestine bacterial overgrowth videos
MSM powder benefits – Alzheimer is a sulfur deficiency
Ways to reduce cost of home care for seniors
Compounds That Help Protect Against Melanoma Skin Cancer
Parasites in human brain, depression and mental health issues
Soups, juices and foods for liver, diarrhea and high thyroid activity
Metal toxins and MTHFR gene mutations
Decompression Massage Therapy (DMT) in Campbell
From CNA to Home Health Care Aid to LVN to RN
About fingerprinting, IHSS and worker’s comp in California for home care
Better health and performance to those students taking a Gap Year
Elimination of HIV-1 Genomes from Human T-lymphoid Cells by CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing
Music Genome Project
Top health hacks for month of July 2019
Cancer killers from beta glucans in mushrooms, date fruit and whole grains
Corn oil and other carcinogenic oils – CPFA, sterculic oils
Sulfite Neurotoxicity , red wine
Evidence-Based Practice and Health Technology Assessment
Parasites and groin pain
Why you need pharmacogenetic tests when taking Vancomycin
Mucus might prove useful in treating IBD, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease
Motherhealth caregivers well loved by bay area families needing home care
Best health topics on How To and tips about our health
Compounds That Help Protect Against Melanoma Skin Cancer
Anabolic and catabolic process, hormones and exercise
Diabetes Slows Synthesis of Brain Cholesterol
Do antidepressants like Mirtazapine have long-term negative effects on the brain?
Erectile Dysfunction and Type 2 Diabetes
Stress adjusts gut bacteria in mice
Sleep scientists’ wake-up call for later school starts
Rope parasites, baking soda, salt, enema, fasting, eucalyptus oil and lemon
Why is cranberry juice effective to treat cramps?
Vitamin K2 affects heart, bones and teeth and Vitamin A and D absorption
Brainwaves of people with epilepsy appear to synchronize with music
The creative personality by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
When parasites catch viruses
Sucrose, gut bacteria, toxins, and muscle integrity
News Medical Life Sciences
Study Shows Increase in Parkinson’s Over 30 Years
Hospital-employed physicians drain Medicare
Cooked banana flowers to ward off infection and stop heavy menstrual bleeds
The Rachel Maddow Show
Whole foods, clean environment, less toxins can strengthen p53 gene – anti-cancer
Luncheon meat, nitrosamines and cancer
Pre-planning with Trust – Medicaid and Medi-Cal and how to pay for nursing costs
Pubmed: Dietary modification may affect inflammatory processes
Non pasteurized beers have more health benefits
Old Human Cells Rejuvenated – resveratrol in dark choco, berries and grapes
Nitric Oxide Dump Exercise with nose breathing to lower blood pressure and thin blood
How to avoid going to rehab many times
Epigenetics in Adipose Tissue, Obesity, Weight Loss, and Diabetes
Urea cycle disorder , brain and Alzheimer
Addiction, risk takers brain scan
Urgent care, emergency care and health care without the outrageous cost
One stop-shop Home Health Care for older adults and home-bound
Lung Cancer deaths from 55-70
Music therapy in parkinson’s and epilepsy
Calculate your Body Mass Index – BMI
Why did doctors stopped doing house calls?
Second generation noninvasive fetal genome analysis reveals de novo mutations, single-base parental inheritance, and preferred DNA ends
How doctors can borrow a scanner to measure anti-oxidant levels
Chewing and brain growth: Reduced Mastication Impairs Memory and Learning Function
The MIND vs. the Mediterranean Diet
For the good of our country
Book Cover – Curated health and cancer related ebook
Too much coffee raises the odds of triggering a migraine headache
How my mom lived 40 more years before liver cancer stopped her?
Telehealth Guide and Checklist
Caregivers needed
How long does dexedrine stay in your system?
Best ways to predict your health
What sugar does to your brain – Dr Axe
Alzheimer, feed forward cycle, neocortex, hippocampus and RNA quality
Guava leaves, comfrey leaves, sulfur, MSM, cellulite, diabetes and uses
Richest person in each state in the USA
Home alone in the bay area and need home care with caring caregivers
Parkinson’s is Partly an Autoimmune Disease
Germanic New Medicine by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer
Foods to eat and avoid when you have Gout and leg pains
Melatonin counteract estrogen’s tendency to stimulate cell growth
Fried foods, hydrogenated and trans fats
Study: Noninvasive eye imaging may detect early signs of Alzheimer’s
Top forum topics aside from politics: romantic advise and parenting
Steroid in Dogfish Shark Attacks Parkinson’s Toxin: Animal Study
Building a Bigger Action Hero by Logan Hill
Hepatitis B virus and health workers
4-point tummy vacuum
Demand an independent investigation into Trump and his connections to Russia
10 Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease That Doctors Often Miss
Australia has announced the new skilled occupation list for the immigration 2018
Drop Pain as the Fifth Vital Sign, AAFP Says
Home aid care reimbursement for veterans
Aging makes us 10k times more susceptible to cancer
The cancer tumor is a metabolic parasite
I cannot do this alone
Gut Bacteria Influences Metabolism – fermented carbohydates
Music heals Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
Traumatic brain injury causes intestinal damage
What does the phrase “vindictive personality mean?”
Vitamin A deficient lung – COPD – hospice in home senior care
Foods for men to have higher sperm count
The Unexpected Connection Between Estrogen and Autism
Johns Hopkins researchers develop single blood test – $500 that screens for eight common cancers
Feb 2020 High School Reunion at PCSHS 78/74
The healthcare chatbots are coming. Be afraid. Or not.
MS and Sphingomyelin in blood for early detection
Hair growth in 90 yr old taking Angelica, astralagus and aloe vera
$3,692 rent/month 2BR/2BA in the bay area
Happy 21st birthday to my daughter Esther
Quercetin, not caffeine, is a major neuroprotective component in coffee
Consistent and personalize care with home care and caregivers in the bayarea
Artificial nutrition via feeding tubes myths and facts
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome and Sundowning
Hiring all laid off Pharma representative
Thermoregulation control in the brain
Iron and parasites
Start a meal with a fruit or vegetable and glass of warm water
Swearing and the Brain
Eye Contact With Your Baby Helps Synchronize Brainwaves
Be a new you with the 30-day body burn
Hunched posture in Dementia and Parkinsons
Social determinants of health
Weight loss program and stories with Jump Start
Dr Mercola: Drink beet juice an hour before exercise
Hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep and aging
A tsp of apple cider vinegar in your drinking water for colon cleanse
Caring for your thyroid gland
300-500 sq ft granny homes in your backyard
Parietal lobe: 10 years before signs of Alzheimer, sense of smell and direction
Dutch Researchers Develop ThromboSeq Test to Detect Lung Cancer
What are risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease?
Prevent rheumatoid arthritis with healthy immune system and good oral hygiene
Toxoplasma gondii parasite, beer, wine, cheese
Eggs are rich in immune boosting nutrients , egg yolk kills fungus
Who pays for your medication
High LDL cholesterol linked to early-onset Alzheimer’s
Quickly assesses live tissue cellular antioxidant levels
Stress, fungus and weak immune system are path to cancer – vinegar, lemon and whole foods can fight cancer
Joint pain gone with Anti-inflammatory yellow powder, UltraX360
Tumor spread along nerves, adenocarcinoma , and Macrophages
Lying and addictive behavior
Calm worries and increase cognitive flexibility with exercise and nutrition
Parasites and microbes need triglycerides or cholesterol to thrive
Salt, hunger and weight gain
REST is lost in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease
Obstructive sleep apnea, Type 2 Diabetes and Retinopathy
Samsung and WellDoc partner to offer direct-to-consumer version of diabetes management app
Over 8,000 pounds of coal is what it takes to power a home in America in a year
Treating acid reflux naturally by WikiHow
18 minutes talk about cancer
Research shows that drinking Matcha tea can reduce anxiety
How do our cells age?
Healthcare advisory team
Fresh raw marijuana nutrition facts
Modular homes at $100k 200 sq ft vs $50k 1000 sq ft
In home gourmet meals from chef Mary of San Jose
Medical Device Clinical Trials: What You Need To Know
Mental fatigue and adrenal gland dysfunction
Clear your lungs from microorganisms
Inflammatory bowel disease in pets
Dopamine pathways and Parkinson
Alzheimer’s, pork and food statistics
Exposure to pesticides/TCEs linked to 61% risk of diabetes and Parkinson
Prepare for the Digital Health Revolution
When will there be a cure for cancer and AIDS?
Can Your Pet Make You Sick?
Can green tea eliminate fat from the body?
CRISPR Corrects Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Why do I have PCOS?
Caring for parents by gen X
Foul smell of poops indicative of metabolic disorders or virus
Esther’s painting of Taal volcano, Philippines
The Half Life of Caffeine
Health Innovation and start-ups
County of San Mateo Mentoring Programs
Portable micronutrient scan – biophotonic in the bay area
Citrus Scent Inhibits Liver Cancer
Top September Posts
Raising Inspired Children by Dr Joe Dispenza
Rosemary herb and brain performance
Tom Brady holistic healing and condemned processed foods as poison for the body
Dr Mercola on avoiding or limiting coffee consumption and have tea instead
Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time
Wrinkles lessen in 4 months of Jeunesse Luminesce use
Non medical home care with wearable for smart home monitoring
Legal and illegal affairs of Trump
Coconut and cinnamon for Alzheimer’s disease
Trump Keeps Acting Like He Has Something to Hide
Low back pain in older adults
Case Note Sample Narratives from visiting nurses, social workers and physical therapists for home care patients
New York City’s trans fat ban really did keep people out of the hospital
Dialing 911 directly from a hotel room
Gene therapy cured Type 1 Diabetes of a dog
Common mistakes about CAPA, corrective and preventive actions
Fish oil, creatine and CQ10 protect your mitochondria
Inability of the muscle to transport sugar into the muscle cell is what leads to higher blood sugar levels
Invest your $3M in senior care in the bay area
Effect of egg white fermentation with lactobacilli on IgE binding ability of egg white proteins; reducing egg allergy by fermentation
Leg Exercise is Critical to Brain and Nervous System Health
Hepatitis C comments by Dr Mercola
Mobile Health News 7-28-2017
Caregiving advice
Colon cancer prevention and care by Dr Mercola
Alzheimer’s death rate per state – 2015
Prognostic biomarker is how cancer might develop for each one
Vitamin B12 is important in the utilization of carbohydrates
How to get reimbursed for telehealth?
Time is an irreplaceable wealth
Sen Adam Schiff on not allowing corruption
High winds warning today in the bay area
Finding the presence of virus in your blood test
Causes-Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer and natural healing protocols
Hamilton cast, Lin Manuel Miranda
Health care crisis and calorie restriction targets tumor cells
Hemochromatosis patients should be on a low-iron diet
Thicc not sick
Genetics of infertility, zinc, pituitary gland and Endocrine disruptors
Vitamin B and Pineapple for nerve damage by Dr E. Kane
SCRIB and DISC1 genes and mental disorders, schizophrenia
Washington Post opinions 3-15-2018
Batangas beach resort Philippines visit this December with my children
Danazol drug and telomere-related disease
Combating malaria with house design, temp and net
$300 plus per day in nursing or rehab care
5x more antioxidants in Okinawan diet of sweet potatoes and low calorie diet
Can cold showers help the nervous system?
Stop female genital mutilation
Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale – Lindsey Stirling
Teen suicide health data
Lysosomes, anti-aging function
Poor oral health tied to HPV virus by Catherine Saint Louis
Asset Protection Iron Triangle by Charles Lamm
Hair removal using honey, lemon and sugar
My doctor is taking me off of klonopin abruptly. I have been on benzos for a few years. What supplements could help my GABA receptors?
Infected water from animal manure, prion disease and Parkinson
Today’s bay area events
How do dopamine and serotonin interact?
Health and wellness by Dr Corey Kirshner
The Roots of Fear and Anxiety by Bret Stetka, MD
Procedure for response to elderly abuse and reporting duties
Memory Brain Hack: Super Sized Memory is Trainable and Long Lasting
Silkworm enzymes for blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque and inflammation
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Educated caregivers can help in transition from nursing to home care
Checkmate: The shutdown is an impeachable offense if Trump vetoes a bill to reopen the government
True or False health quiz for a healthier heart
Home automation for seniors
Molecular Genetic Evidence of PTSD Heritability
Sugar to free calcium to cancer
Mueller and Trump: Born to wealth, raised to lead. Then, sharply different choices.
Libido-enhancing smoothie
avatarcare.net , motherhealth.net and seniorconciergepro.com under clubalthea.com
Yoga, Physical Therapy, or Education for Chronic Low Back Pain
State individual income taxes
Generic drug vs Brand name, Bioequivalence
A medication free Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
Longevity, genes, epigenetics, cancer and disease
Cellulite is poor blood flow and water retention
Berries and Esophageal Cancer
The Trump Quote That Stood Out To McCabe
Omega 3 in fish, anti-inflammation
Dr. Nathan Newman on stem cells and the innovation behind Jeunesse
Philippines Coconut Wine -Tuba
The Aging but Resilient Brain: Keeping Neurons Happy
Chronic disease comorbidity
Top holistic health topics
Anti-arthritis oil and balm for sale, first launch
Cell Salt Therapy
Complimentary, Alternative Med – CAM Products
Probiotic Found in Yogurt Can Reverse Depression Symptoms
Vagus nerve connects the gut microbiome to the brain
Prevent falls by maintaining balance
Zinc, copper and magnesium to fight diabetes and neurodegeneration
Lungs and brain cancer
Vagus nerve health = healing sounds, back bends,pickled veggies,massage
Sex hormones control the immune response via circadian rhythm
Seven Tips for Battling Dry Eye
Foods to avoid and to prevent diabetes
Hormone therapy in prostate cancer tied to dementia and alzheimer’s
What are lipoproteins doing in the brain?
Forearm Exercises to Build Strength and Reduce Wrist + Elbow Strain
Toxic free home building materials
FDA Fueled Opioid Epidemic
Gut bacteria may affect how well your medicines work
Retirement or rental income properties in Tagaytay, Philippines
Diet for cluster headaches
Vagus Nerve Stimulation Boosts Post-Stroke Motor Skill Recovery
Kill parasites with these herbs
Cigarettes and nutrient depletion
How beneficial is Apple cider vinegar for the liver?
Positive effects of micronutrients delivered after 24 mo of age
Reversal of Aging Now Possible
How quickly do different cells in the body replace themselves?
100 points to be cancer free: kill the parasites first
Connie’s answers at quora.com
Cooked your greens rich in oxalates to prevent kidney stones
Cancer recruitment, collusion and collaboration with normal cells
Amino acid alanine from meat is food for cancer
Coherent heart rhythm pattern in emotions of joy and love
20 Best Islands in The Philippines for Beach Getaways
Glial cells and neurons in the brain
Obesity, antibiotic use, gut microbes and brain function
Why does gatorade make me tired?
Does taking vitamin supplements weaken body’s ability to absorb/create them from food or natural sources?
Young techies buying stocks/investments to plan to retire early
Aug 23-24 Adobo Festival in Union City, CA flyer at Connie’s booth
Under-ripe bananas, uncooked oats, white beans and lentils – healthy
$21 per hour bay area caregivers
Conor James Lamb –  Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district
Weapons Against Cancer: Millions of Bacteria Programmed to Kill
Dangerous cat diseases and other health problems living with animals
Impacts of Macronutrients on the Gut Microbiota – carbohydrate
Dear Cancer, If I can find you early, I can train my body to fight you
Fast food with healthy options
How to Prevent Mold
Are certain parts of the body more inclined to create tumors?
Adverse effects of anti-hypertensive medication – hypotension, heart failure
25% holiday discount for senior home care with Motherhealth caregivers
What are the healthy foods for 50-year-old people?
Aspirin , parasites and liver cancer
Anxiety issues as we get older
Top health hacks today , 7-30-2019
Get a second shot in earning the income you deserve , a $15k value Europe trip awaits for free

Thyroid Health by Dr Mercola and health tips for a new mom with Hashimoto
Starve cancer cells with low cal ketogenic diet
When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a nursing home in an Australian country town, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value
Bullying effect of Trump to National Health
Canada simvastatin drug prices
Water filtering – reverse osmosis,charcoal filtering and deionization
Caffeinated coffee and pure caffeine promote proteostasis – good for worms
New Study Links Many Popular OTC Meds With Alzheimer’s
Preventing falls at home and Hematoma
Mindfulness is being open to the outcome
Care home facility or caregivers in your homes
Proper hygiene and washing of foods to prevent parasites entry
Bacterial pathogens must acquire iron in order to replicate and cause disease
Alzheimer’s Risk Factors By Dr Daniel Amen
Feeding roundworms monounsaturated fatty acids extend their lives
When Beneficial Bacteria Knock But No One is Home
Vitamin D lengthens Telomeres, an aging marker
Why is the Quora community so anti-Donald Trump?
Parasites, stress, and auto-immune hormone connection
Let’s rank hospitals by rehab quality of care
Bloating , hunched posture, parasites and signs and symptoms
Knee pain and liver or colon cancer
Vitamin D rescues deficiencies in DNA repair factors
Astrocytes, brain and muscles communication, myasthenia gravis
Why is it so hard to cure cancer?
Parasites and neuroendocrine tumors
Cures for Cancer Could Grow in Trees
Parasite can lead to cancer
Why can’t I sleep with an empty stomach?
Bay area seniors are not selling their homes for fear of capital gains tax
High altitude and low oxygen change the intestinal microbiome
How we helped a lung cancer patient live more than 24 months
Not getting enough sleep, by Jane Brody
Consumers want more holistic health solutions and education
How We Recall the Past
Top health hacks in July 2019
When do you need hospice care?
Study explains the link between cilia and diabetes
Seminar in the bay area on cancer and home care
Hiring caregivers directly or thru an agency
New York Times 1-12-2018
Healthy Aging Tips For Seniors
Parasitic worms may prevent Crohn’s disease by altering bacterial balance
Gut health – green bananas, mangoes and papayas
How cartoons portrayed the Women’s March and Trump’s historic weekend
Long term effect of stress, gut bacteria and fiber
Virus , Vitamin A, B , D and C and why some people die from the Flu
Healing tips, arthritis, skin, digestive and stress issues
When Beneficial Bacteria Knock But No One is Home
The enemy within: Gut bacteria drive autoimmune disease
Gut microbes associated with temperament traits in children
Stressed mothers and their children with binge eating habits later
Why are bay area seniors reluctant to sell their homes
The so called President obstruction of justice
Limit choline-rich foods to prevent blood clots
Your Testicles and your health
Xenotransplants: Using Animal Organs to Save Human Lives
Your Testicles and your health
Ask Connie, health related questions answered in Quora.com
Exercise may improve health by increasing gut bacterial diversity
Researchers Discover Sandman’s Role in Sleep Control
Bacteria in fermented food signal the immune system
Oxycodone – an addicting opioid as pain med
Top health and aging hacks 11-22-2017
Protein That Kills Cells in Neurodegenerative Diseases Implicated in Cancer Cell Metabolism
About Full of Life Community Holistic Health Center
Single Species of Gut Bacteria Can Reverse Autism Related Social Behavior: Mouse Study
What does the phrase “vindictive personality mean?”
Anti-aging and Parkinson/Alzheimer’s prevention: Enzymes and apple cider vinegar
Sign to impeach the so called President
Infection, Stem Cells and Cancer Signals
Gastrointestinal cancer
Food additives and colon cancer in young people
No 401k, have your own retirement plan 801k
California health data
New York Health Data
When to start receiving social security benefits?
Essure is a non-incisional, permanent birth control system that uses small devices to block the fallopian tubes
Study links gut bacteria that can lead to seizures and strokes
New York Times opinion
Health and fitness websites to follow in 2017
Washington post comments on the press conference
20 habits of eventual millionaires
Loss of REM Sleep Linked to Desire For Fatty and Sugary Foods
How soon after giving birth can a woman become pregnant?
A Little Myelin Goes A Long Way To Restore Nervous System Function
Prevent high risk drug abuse among elderly in the south
Transfer of assets to qualify for Medicaid
Even on standardized diet, gut flora changes from day to day
Household cleaners may contribute to obesity in kids by altering the gut microbiome
I salute my aunt , Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago of the Philippines
The Human Gut Microbiome as a Screening Tool for Colorectal Cancer
Dietary Cancer Triggers
More sociable chimps harbor richer gut microbiomes
Anti-parasites diet by Connie Dello Buono
Mom’s gut parasites protect babies from inflammation
Why I have stomach pain every time I am nervous
Hepatitis C comments by Dr Mercola
Jan 27-28 2018 National Drug and Alcohol facts week
Every Experience the Brain Perceives is Unique
Reduce inflammation using kHz frequency nerve block on vagus nerve
Dear Saver, Every risks and tax free savings count.
Blood magnesium levels , dementia and alcohol
Data Insights tools to delight customers
Broca and Wernicke Are Dead – It’s Time to Rewrite the Neurobiology of Language
Ellagic acid in berries, pomegranates, grapes, and walnuts as anti-inflammatory
p53 , resveratrol , pancreatic cancer and apoptosis
Parsley, Natto, green tea and kiwi clean clogged arteries
Own Worldgn stock, earn more and get your fitness tracker to monitor health
High fat diet or ketogenic diet for Epilepsy (brain seizures)
Need a caregiver and all the free senior home care tips at first call
Vets are better than doctors in identifying parasites, the monster in us
Ativan or Benzodiazepine oxidation is decreased in persons with liver disease
Low levels of vitamin D in cancer and parasites-infection related health issue
Causes of fast heart beat
Pigs are a crucial part of the tapeworm life cycle
In search of a senior community, resources
A practical guide for resisting the Trump Agenda Jan 25 Santa Cruz Cruzio Internet
Chimeras Are Gestating on U.S. Research Farms, grow human tissue inside pigs
Yearly Costs of Chronic Pain Exceed Those of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes
How neuroscience equip us to become better creators
Anxiety with Dementia decreased by calcium and magnesium nutrients
What to eat during the 8-hour feeding window , whole-8-hour
Undigested foods and parasites
Brain Structure Implicated in Depression May Be Inherited From Mother to Daughter
Primary areas of dysfunction from stomach , liver to kidneys
Expressing Love Thru Your Dance
Psychological Wounds of Conflict: The Impact of War to children, young adults and soldiers
Women are more vulnerable to eating disorders, brain study suggests
Suicide Rates Are High Among the Elderly by Paula Span
In home health support services – IHSS Programs
Know your gut microbiome, stop obesity and future infectious disease
Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Ameliorate Aging Frailty
Watch “How To Add Rich Snippets To WordPress In 3 Minutes! on YouTube”
When do you need a caregiver for your homebound senior
Iodine prevents more cancer than any other mineral
Bird poop , ALS and health problems
$86000 per year MS drug or go natural from whole foods to supplements
New memories with emotional content can be formed even if the amygdala is damaged
Washington Post evening edition
Tattoo , tuberculosis and leprosy
Unsterilized milk
Poor sense of smell related to developing dementia
Be Your Own Herbalist and how to avoid needing health insurance by Nina Price
Sleep scientists’ wake-up call for later school starts
Resume available – looking for work
Microglia cells survey synapses by engulfing them
Misdiagnosed thyroid cancers by Dr Mercola
Artificially intelligent nanoarray analyzes 17 diseases from breaths
Anaerobic rope parasites blocking the lumen of our intestines
Dr Mercola’s Diverticulitis diet
Social Laughter Releases Endorphins in the Brain
Vacant city lands for affordable housing
Regeneration of our cells, brain metabolism and exercise
Carcinogenic TBHQ in ramen noodles
Eurycoma longifolia – Tongkat Ali for strength and libido
Bay area doctors are invited for a trip to Palawan beach on Dec 27-29, 2017
Epigenetic Clock Predicts Life Expectancy
When a Few Bucks Can Get Students to the Finish Line
Cancer statistics
Summer is here, take care of your skin, it should glow
How the digestive tract communicates with the brain
Why does our skin causing us to age?
Healthy Aging Among Older Black and White Men: What Is the Role of Mastery?
Duke researchers link specific differences in brain structure to multiple forms of mental disorder
Joint pain gone with Anti-inflammatory yellow powder, UltraX360
What are the most common age related diseases?
Take care of your Thyroid gland, 240% increase in Thyroid cancer among women
How to Get Fungus Free For Life
Can balsamic vinegar help with gout?
Galangal in Thai curry fights cancer cells
Why Your Workplace Might Be Killing You by Shana Lynch
Half Wall Hang exercise for pregnant women to relieve back pain
MRI and Ultrasound and Medicare allowance NY – a sample from one doctor
Medi-Cal Planning from Start to Finish
Fat Burner vs. Sugar Burner: Which One Are You?
Parasitic Infections of the Central Nervous System
Our ability to distinguish between what is real and what is perceived
What was the nature versus nurture debate, and why do most researchers now reject this framing of the issue?
Healthy fats for the gall bladder
What are the biggest component of your metabolism?
Can blunt force trauma cause brain cancer?
$2.58B Digital Health Funding
Carcinogens in corn and other products where Roundup weedkiller is used
Whiten teeth in 3 days and more
Top posts 8-3-2017
Mineral Nutrients Balance
Elephant’s “Body Awareness” Adds to Increasing Evidence of Their Intelligence
Hepatitis C Virus Infection in African Americans
What are the healthy benefits of corn beef hash?
Free classes in San Jose from Qigong to Yoga for bay area cancer patients at cancercarepoint.org
Fetal alcohol syndrome
Health Excusitis
NfKB protein as first responder to harmful toxins – infection – cancer
How to have healthy blood flow to your heart?
Vestibular function declines starting at age 40
Chewing tobacco and oral cancer
FUNGI: Suppresses the Immune System Creates Inflammation, May Initiate Cell Division Abnormalities
Milk and parasites
Cancer toll of CT Scans
Uber-like in home caregiving receives $1000 grant from Uber
Unhealthy margarine, trans fat, parasites
Responding to Opioid Crisis, FDA Puts More Restrictions on Imodium
Feed the children of the world every month
Soak, sprout, and ferment grains and legumes to remove toxic lectins
Baking soda hacks for health and wellness
Parasites in foods
Intermittent stress is ok but not prolonged stress, killing brain cells
Lumpia or Philippine egg rolls
Where to get a pair of solar eclipse glasses?
Lymphatic fluid is squeezed through the vessels when we use our muscles
Endothelins are peptides that constrict blood vessels, plant sources prevent hypertesion
Carrier of certain inherited health condition
Why we get fat and hungry
How do I recover faster from my stomach virus?
Cannabis and Addicting drugs cause genotoxicity/cancer
Hormones and gut health – 1
How can nitrate and nitrite affect normal hemoglobin?
Anaemia, causes, drugs, folate in beer, beer carbs
Increase your net worth and net income: Tax Free Retirement Planning seminar
Digestive enzymes help in healing fractures, preventing kidney stones and heart disease and more
Massive brain reorganization was reversed in a child with hand transplant
Nominate your best doctor in the bay area
Own a piece of Fitness Tracker market for home health monitoring and more
How to know if your supplements are working for you?
Glyphosate and DNA damage
Washington Post
Self Lymph Drainage Massage by MassageByHeather.com in Louisville, KY
Mucilage, fiber, Metamucil and parasites
How do you lower your bad cholesterol?
Anti-infection essential oils and how to use them
USAFACTS.ORG how the govt spends our money
Get a microalbumin/creatinine ratio – urine test to check your kidneys’s health
A New Model For How Brain Reward Response May Impact Anorexia
Mental Health affected by the bacteria in your gut by Peter Smith, Bacteria > Stress > Immune > Disease, Serotonin in the Intestine
Visual System Changes That May Signal Parkinson’s Disease
Who is Elaine Quijano, moderator of the vice presidential debate?
Top health hacks 7-26-2019
New FDA commissioner lays out bold new plan for mobile app regulation
Physical inactivity, dopamine, lactate , glucose and aging
Top aging and health hacks in the last 365 days
Bay area doctors can measure anti-oxidant levels with a biophotonic scanner
Sauerkraut, an acid fermentation of vegetables
Gut Fungus and additives might promote Crohn’s disease
Oral Cancer
Post Op surgery: Doctor’s discharge instructions and Motherhealth caregivers
Age defense mechanism you cannot get in your diet
$250-$350 per 24-hr caregiving service for terminally ill seniors or stroke patients
Sleep to lower your blood glucose level in the brain
Gender bias in treating or preventing blood clots in women
Vitamin C for bones and video exercises for stronger bones for older adults
Prison costs in the USA
Single neurons regulate their overall action potential firing rate
Viral Hepatitis
Altered Lipid Metabolism in Brain Injury and Disorders
Gun control, Walmart
Narcotic pain meds shrinks the brain, CDC updates their guide
Antisocial personality disorder in 70% of prison inmates
Goat milk with and without increased concentrations of lysozymes (human breastmilk) improves repair of intestinal cell damage induced by enteroaggregative Escherichia coli
Top topics on aging and health hacks Feb -March 2018
Good genes when selecting a partner
Soaking and cooking our whole foods to remove anti-nutrients
Good genes when selecting a partner
Steam your greens/veggies to get enough Folate, to make DNA and RNA
Reconditioning the Brain to Overcome Fear
Down Syndrome and Folate-rich whole foods
Diabetes is not taking up enough glucose due to either the lack of insulin or a resistance to insulin – due to presence of bad fat
Lipids and insulin , reverse aging ,hepatic functions
Eating Potatoes Before Pregnancy Linked to Gestational Diabetes
Emergency Childbirth: When Baby Arrives Before the Midwife or Doctor
Comments from We the People demands Trump’ tax returns
B vitamins for nerve health and nerve pain
ninite.com for free apps, word processor, screen capture and more
Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factor Formula
A Beginner’s Guide to Killing Cancer
Challenges, Opportunities of Mobile Health Devices in the Hospital
Taxes 2015 – Finance Planning and Financial Strategies coupled with Business structure
Bay area medical supplies
Exercise leads to increases in BDNF for healthy brain transmision
Nicaragua, Syria and the USA are not in the Paris Climate Accord
Pressure is mounting on Congress to do something about Trump
Adult day care and kids day care with art class in one bay area location
There is hope when you have no medical insurance
Parasites in our foods
Common mistakes about CAPA, corrective and preventive actions
Men’s health
Altered Lipid Metabolism in Brain Injury and Disorders
Top health hacks 8-7-2019
Frankly speaking about cancer
Improved sanitation and mycotoxin eradication to prevent stunted growth
Resveratrol and ALS
Elizabeth Warren
Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson’s disease
Study examines cannabis’ effects on brain neurochemistry
Toxins, metals and left over foods, Vitamin C, detox ways
NAD , metabolic aging and Alzheimer and Parkinson
Wearable Soft Robotics for Independent Living
Hypothyroidism and cancer
Parasites and the brain
Statin meds tied to cataract by Nicholas B
Slow down, keep a healthy weight and deep breathing to prevent stroke
Short-chain fatty acid fermentation products of the gut microbiome and the brain
Adverse Childhood Experiences
Worms may does mice with cannabinoids to kill the pain
Viruses, Bacteria, and Parasites in the Digestive Tract
Brain disorders, stress , sleep and diseases
4 longevity genes: Myc, Oct 3/4 , Sox 2 and Klf4
hat Is a CRIME!”CNN’s Alisyn Camerota ANNIHILATE Trump
Looking to the body to better understand the brain
Sleep position, sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing
Glia, Not Neurons, Most Affected By Brain Aging
Could Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, or Paul Manafort be charged under the Espionage Act?
Top health hacks 8-2-2019
78 yrs old female, arthritis with severe pain
Aerobic exercise and HITT training make telomeres in the brain to grow longer
Gut microbes eat our medication for Parkinson
Lead in lipstick and health issues
How Pancreatic Cancer Cells, Master Scavengers, Thrive Even When Starved
Opiods Prescribing rates per 100 people, by state and drug type (2012)
Safety of Steroids for Asthma
Bazinga! 6 Genius Money Lessons from ‘Big Bang Theory’ by Annalisa Kraft-Linder
Urine DNA Test Shows Potential for Early Bladder Cancer Detection
Consumerism Versus Managed Competition in health care
Cheese, virus, absorption, metabolsim
Where do we stand on our fight for cancer causing substances around us?
Liver cancer calculator
Goat’s milk is next to breastmilk
Depression to Dementia
Activation of Immune T Cells Leads to Behavioral Changes
Nutrition related topics by Connie at Quora.com
Behavior, brain SPECT scan, hormones, gratitude, neuroplasticity
Depression is a brain disease
Asthma and intestinal toxemia
Free childbirth, mother care and baby care ebook by Connie Dello Buono
Limit iron intake to limit growth of invading pathogens
Cancer costs $895 billion annually, Vit D from sun as anti-cancer
Shampoo ingredients causing nerve damage
Soda kills mice
Influence of conching temperature; Maltitol sugar alcohol in prebiotic milk chocolate containing inulin
DNA changes predict longevity
Medical Device Design Control Implementation Summary List
Geriatric mobile app
Immune system culprit in ALS, neuro disorder
New York Times 7-21-2017
Is cancer increasing in the U.S.?
What precautions are needed for those with genetic heart condition?
Do people with higher metabolism get sick more easily?
Baby teeth link autism and heavy metals, NIH study suggests
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a soupy collection of marine debris—mostly plastics
Study links gut-homing protein levels with HIV infection risk, disease progression
Why do I have a serotonin and dopamine deficiency?
Breaking the habit of being yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza
Health Knowledge to reduce your health pains
How does an axon in the brain grow? Secrets to smarter brain, trauma and good fats
Scalp Cooling to Prevent Chemo Hair Loss Shows Promise
The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale
New York Times comments on conflict of interest
Skin Cells at the Root of Gray Hair and Balding
What We Now Know About Russian Disinformation
Knee pain relief
24-hr lip stain for powerful lips
Genetic polymorphism , resistance to malaria and pathogens , blood types
How we help a senior in Richmond live at her house with a loving caregiver
How your health data is disclosed in California?
#111642 (not found)
Is crab high in good or bad cholesterol?
How to Use Papaya Leaves for Cancer: A Homemade Treatment
Senior Wellness Fair on Oct 16 in San Jose
Top 1800 topics in this site in 2018
International Women’s Day
Why our bodies are tuned to fight cancer
Plants boost testosterone
Toxic Waste and Health Stat from 3 states
Neurodegenerative disease links gastrointestinal tract – Parkinson’s
Reassure and positive words of comfort for Alzheimer’s
How I have lucid dreams and restful sleep with deep breathing and AgeLOC Youth
Know your baseline health data without medical insurance – join in this study
Top health hacks 8-5-2019
Spearmint herbal tea has significant anti-androgen effects in polycystic ovarian syndrome
Nature is the great inventor
Is there a medical watch that can measure body temperature, blood pressure, heart pulse rate, breath rate, and percentage of O2 in the bl…
Does Dopamine Beta-Hydroxylase Deficiency increase risks of Parkinson’s?
Metal toxins , mercury dental amalgams, Alzheimers, brain detox
To eat or not to eat almonds
Cash flow analysis worksheet template
Man Regrow Human Tissue On Severed Finger from Pig’s Bladder
New studies about breast cancer
Resources for doctors and health consumers about genetic tests, clinical trials
Does a dependence on 30mg of co-codamol cause autoimmune disease?
Top Posts 8-15-2017
Hair Loss/Weight Loss, herbs for allergies, drug side-effects, herbs with caution, chemo Q&A
Soups to prevent flu and influenza
Sugarcane helps with sleep
Trump impeachment due to conflict of interest
Selenium, bladder control, anti cancer and prevent osteoarthritis in GOGYV health caps
High-fat diet and regular moderate intensity exercise on intestinal polyps
The New Yorker 8-17-2017
Are doctors ignorant towards finding the underlying principles of a disease?
Apple cider vinegar kills parasites, cleansing to the liver and prevents stroke
$320 billion are spent every year treating diabetes
Need distributors of nursing-hospital scrubs
Scans of brain on drugs and alcohol
A child occupies the White House — and the world knows it
Are Friends Better For Us Than Family?
Plan for financial retirement should start when we are 25yrs of age
Two virus fighters in our cells, CD4 T cells and antibodies
MicroRNAs Play Important Role in Learning and Memory Formation
Ask Connie at Quora
How effective are liraglutide and other GLP-1 agonists in early stage dementia or Alzheimers?
Measure our success, why data analytics, Big Data
Nutrient-Drug Interactions
Prescription drugs leading cause of death
Cabbage family has chlorine for brain and stomach cleansing
Prevention mag: Alzheimer’s disease
A celebration
Top songs in the 1950s
Emotions and Disease
Klotho enzyme , calcium, insulin , Vitamin D and Alzheimer
Are chemicals in old and new homes making us sick?
Exposure to Light Causes Emotional and Physical Responses in Migraine Sufferers
Researchers Detail Link Between Stress and Diabetes
Migraine, Headaches, magnesium and steps to cure
Artificial Intelligence in Health Care
Washington Post 12-13-17
Fitness tracker, pain relief and home health monitor with HELO smart band
Social services facilitate discharge planning
Root causes of chronic illness
Breast cancer over treatment: What if I decide to just do nothing?
Aluminum toxicity, dangers and Alzheimer’s Disease
Do Stress and Strain Lead to Deviant Behavior? gambling, addiction
Induced pluripotent stem cells in adults for regenerative medicine
Do not eat over ripe bananas
Cancer fighting diet
Epigenetics, starved grandpa breeds stronger future generation
Mega stories in retail and business
How does autoimmunity disease affect our nervous system?
Heal your pancreas, liver and kidney cells
Aspirin is harmful to our kidneys
Google cloud seminar Feb 13 Santa Clara Convention Center
Inflamed joints and tissues: turmeric, alkaline veggies
Our brain has same peptides for Analgesia, Addiction – Cocaine, Stress and depression, Appetite and circadian rhythms and temperature regulation
Trauma and the Gut, Dr PerlMutter
What can I do as middle-age man to prevent Dementia?
Your own costco, amazon, Rosetta stone, Expedia, Groupon, Taxbot mileage, alerts for budgeting and more
Apple cider vinegar for knee swelling and more uses by Dr Mercola
Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy Linked to Increased Risk of Autism Traits in Offspring
300-500 sq ft granny homes in your backyard
My aunt had goat’s milk instead of breast milk during the war
Women’s health statistics before 50
Leaky gut, leaky brain, eat your garlic and pickles by C Guthrie
Sepsis prevention from Dr Axe
Neurons That Distinguish Between Reality and Imagination Discovered
SIRT1 gene promotes synaptic plasticity and boosts memory
Short/medium/long chain fatty acids for colon and brain health – Coconut oil , butter and salmon
Mobile Health News
Signs of Lupus in women
New York Times 8-23-2107
Palo Alto Seniors: Massage and healing care from pain, constipation and more
Neuromuscular disease
Global health security’s ticking clock, ‘Global gag rule’ at 6 months
Genetic diversity to survive
Top health hacks 8-1-2019
A Toxin That Travels From Stomach to Brain May Trigger Parkinson’s
Sleep , virus, cancer and parasites
Alzheimer’s health care update
Blood Deficiency, parasites, iron,metabolic disease
Altering The Immune System to Reverse Paralysis
Interaction between men’s testes and the immune system
Beat Procrastination By Eliminating Your Choices
Granny unit with permit in the bay area $86k for 520 sq ft with solar
Misdiagnosed thyroid cancers by Dr Mercola
Naturopathic Doctor Uses Nutrition To Cure 8-Year Old of Brain Cancer After Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Failed
Our mothers told us to not over spend
Trump – Mattis Mull Plan to pay Erik Prince 10B yr to Privatize Afghan War
Family Involvement in the Nursing Home and Perceived Resident Quality of Life
Irregular heartbeat or long QT syndrome and energy drinks do not mix
MindMaze receives FDA clearance to bring VR rehab platform to the US
Why I take cold showers
Browning or caramelized sugar is a carcinogen
Healthy Mitochondria Could Stop Alzheimer’s
Oregano for flu
Get the natural performance boost top athletes are experiencing with GYV health caps
Nettle leaf tea and cranberries cured her UTI
Udon or Ramen noodles
Your thoughts can have a profound impact on your health
Pursuing longevity: Epigenetic clock and cellular senescence
New Algorithm Determines Ideal Caffeine Dosage and Timing For Alertness
Loving bay area caregivers 408-854-1883
Senator McConnell refused to reopen the government
Top health and aging hacks 11-20-2017
Top 10 Poisons that are the legacy of Monsanto
Multiple modifiable risk factors associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s
Will ginger and turmeric help a senior with inflammed tissues and lung cancer
Grow the Feeling and the Essence of Argentine Tango
Vacant city lands for affordable housing
Environmental Magnetite in the Human Brain
Fat and protein foods protect bacteria from stomach acid
Meals and medicines/supplements
Mothers With Diabetes More Likely to Have Anti-Fetal Brain Autoantibodies
Silicon valley leads income of $108k per yr according to DICE
My own laundry and bathroom to rent in Silicon Valley
Top aging and health hacks 1-29-2018
Find a cancer doctor
Is Parkinson’s disease multi-factorial in causes
Family Involvement in the Nursing Home and Perceived Resident Quality of Life
Top monthly posts 2017
Nitric Oxide, L-arginine and ADMA – a by product of protein process affecting heart health
The Gut–Hormone Connection: How Gut Microbes Influence Estrogen Levels
More than 10 reasons why we need life insurance
Recognizing the most common warning signs of a stroke
Kidney disease, an underestimated killer
Mental fatigue , adrenal gland dysfunction and craving sweets
CRISPR-Cas9 Allows Further Genetic Manipulation By Exploiting Endogenous DNA Repair Mechanisms
Bay area respite care for homebound seniors with Alzheimer and other health issues
Companies uniting to change health care through Health Transformation Alliance
Skin Stem Cells Used to Generate New Brain Cells
How to find caregivers or sitter in nursing home or your home
Healthy fat hidden in dirt may fend off anxiety disorders
Insight Into the Brain’s Control of Hunger and Satiety
Maternal Depression Across Child’s Early Years Impacts Neural Basis of Empathy
This Is What Happens to the Brain When You Give Up Sugar for Lent
Iron: The Double-Edged Sword
Novel Factor in Parkinson’s Disease Discovered, calcium+magnesium balance
Net Unrealized Appreciation and Qualified Retirement Plan Distributions
Green papaya and leaves to fight cancer
Do police officers have any wearables (e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc)? If so, what do they track? What do they like or dislike about them?
Looking for outdoor products, gadgets and self help books to sell
Is it safe to have Fucoxanthin alongside Yohimbine?
Cancer killers from beta glucans in mushrooms, date fruit and whole grains
Top 20 Most Popular Neuroscience Articles in 2016
What foods and supplements are proven to repair DNA?
What Lowe’s and Home Depot are not telling you by Charles Passy
Very stressful events affect the brains of girls and boys in different ways
How to help our clients with diabetes to follow through a lifestyle change
Papaya Leaf Extract renews muscle tissue
Reset gene expression of fat cells to younger you
Key Mesures of care in hospitals and nursing homes
Success breeds success while failures make us self-confident and tenacious
Caregivers providing non medical home care wants to be paid more
Gut Microbes May Influence Multiple Sclerosis Progression
Harvard Health Letter
Grand multiparity was associated with high risk of Alzheimer’s
Police then Funeral Homes before body is removed from the house
Licorice Extract May Help Prevent and Treat Parkinson’s
States with lowest income taxes by Dan Caplinger
Light and anxiety
New threat facing refugees seeking safety in the US
Understanding Health Exchanges or health insurance marketplaces, Obamacare
Gut-Dwelling Bacterium Consumes Parkinson’s Drug
Senior living versus caregiving at home – 344 Atherton senior living communities
Can Gout be cured permanently?
14 Brain-healthy herbs and spices to boost brain functions
Can your drinking water cause cancer/ AIDS
Researchers Identify Virus and Two Types of Bacteria as Major Causes of Alzheimer’s
McCabe wanted Russia investigation on ‘solid ground
Let us help you brand your product at Amazon
Get rid of heavy metals in your body
Aging, Telomeres, Vit C, E and Betacarotene
Connie as one of the most viewed health writer at Quora.com
Immigrants make America great, they care for your seniors at home
How do serotonin, oxytocin, etc. get recycled/ broken down and what are the up and down cycles of the molecule?
Exome and whole genome sequencing in aging and longevity, an ebook
New York Times 6-25-2018
Beto O’rourke
Exome and whole genome sequencing in aging and longevity, an ebook
Top Aging hacks posts 10-16-2017
Top health hacks 8-8-2019
Oral cancer and fungus in the kitchen
Effects of altitude and airplane flight on the heart, blood, brain and retina
$500 bonus for Uber driving and now accepting tips in the app
Social media statistics
No grains, dairy, processed foods and sugars for active Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
Toxic chromium-6 in water affecting 200 million americans
Psychopaths can feel no empathy as shown by their brain tests
GWS study identifies a single major locus contributing to survival into old age – the APOE locus
Colorectal, ovarian-uterine, prostate, kidney, liver and bladder cancer risk Factor
Healthy Recipes that taste good from hayhouse
Top aging and health hacks 3-14-2018
Receive $700 bonus as Uber driver if you are laid off bay area workers
Ketogenic diet for mental health issues
In-home caregivers can prevent re-admission and an important care team member
Drug and Medical Device Litigations
First Dancing, Then Mating in Songbirds
Fish oil has potential for treating chronic pain and neuropathy
Liver cancer , China has 50% of worldwide cases, Molds in food
Alcohol Abuse Linked to Sepsis, Mortality in Critical Patients
What Should Be on Your Clinical Trial Investigator Site Audit Checklist?
Share what you think, your motto, your goal to achieve it in 5yrs ; help with PC virus
Tumor spread along nerves, adenocarcinoma , and Macrophages
Sex differences in human lifespan and healthspan
Loss of Y Chromosome Could Increase Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Key Performance Indicators of Germany and USA
Low Levels of Manganese in Welding Fumes Cause Parkinson’s-Like Neurological Problems
Is it possible to cure a brain tumor with Cannabis?
Sirt1 Regulates Proliferation and Regeneration of Glial Progenitor Cells After Injury
Behavioral Therapy Increases Connectivity in Brains of People with OCD
Alzheimer’s Drug Turns Back Clock in Powerhouse of Cell
De-worming and Psoriasis
Glycosylation , liver disease and 80% of nervous system disorder
Sleep apnea can increase cancer growth; other mental disorders and Tryptophan (turkey and other food sources to increase serotonin levels in the brain)
Despite being a successful engineer, why am I slow in daily life and what should I do?
Scientists pinpoint critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging
My passion in health education as seen at quora.com
How Being Funny Changes the Brain
Pharmacogenetics and pain management by Maria Chianta and Maria Guevara PharmDs
Marijuana: Could it slow Parkinson’s disease progression?
Water supply for net zero homes made in Berkeley
Diversity of Americans – 67 types of people in the USA per ESRI
What long-term impact has 2 months of use of atypical antipsychotic (AP) drugs on dopamine (DA) receptors and cells?
Nurture is every influence from without that affects man after his birth
What is the biochemistry behind the use of Arnica for muscle pain/ache relief?
Digital health, millennials, smart audio devices
Cook your fish to kill parasites
How to navigate caregiving and the health of your parents in their 70s
Circadian clock alters response to diet and changes to gut microbiome
Astrocytes Orchestrate Neural Connections
Telehealth and guidelines from HRSA
House cleaner, cook, driver and caregiver – takes a village to do in home health care
Familial Poverty Affects Toddlers’ Brain Function
Common mistakes about CAPA, corrective and preventive actions
Universal health care would save us $17 trillion
Philippines Coconut Wine -Tuba
What it takes to own a home care agency in the bay area
Antitumor effects of cannabinoids
One cup of coffee before exercise in the morning burns 15% more calories by Dr Mercola
I love my caregiver
Breast milk, saw palmetto, bitter melon and virgin coconut oil for fat digestion
Rheumatoid Arthritis and drugs by Dr Mercola
Altered gut microbiome could indicate Parkinson’s disease
80 yr old, single male, stomach cancer surgery
Healing power of sunlight, cancer prevention
Humana is teaming up to become the nation’s largest provider of hospice care
What is your retirement income strategy
Why do I wish to be a midwife?
U.S. Says Taxpayers Lost $1.3 Billion in Health-Care Fraud Cases
How to make your company think like a customer by F Robinson and J Brown
Show me your list of Vitamin brands to help you research which ones are more effective
Here’s what we know so far about Team Trump’s ties to Russian interests
An Alternative Explanation for Free Radical Theory of Aging
Ginger is anti-cancer while Fluorine is carcinogenic
Low glucose and low stress to go to sleep
Eat folate-rich whole foods to prevent Down Syndrome
Delaying age related diseases by keeping gut bacteria in balance
Tea tree oil and baking soda removed my skin tags and warts
Copper toxicity, birth control pills and IUD
Parkinson has signal blockage while Alzheimer has tangles and membrane damage
Popcorn workers lung disease
Filipinos, the happiest people in the world
Largest Study on Mammograms Again Finds No Benefit
Standard Mileage Rates for 2018 Up from Rates for 2017
Enzymes and Cofactors for life and longevity
Mike Pence Implicated in Treason Scandal
Common parasite uncovers key cause of Crohn’s disease
Why can’t I sleep with an empty stomach?
Patients Resorting to ‘Worm Therapy’ to Treat Autoimmune Diseases
Scientists Find Sensor That Makes Synapses Fast
Naming a Trust as Beneficiary of an IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan
Tapeworms are adult parasites of the class Cestoda, and they live in the intestine of their hosts
MSNBC renewed Lawrence O’Donnell’s contrac because of our grassroots action
Senior care and predictive medicine
CQ10 for seniors and the aging brain
Lose weight with 5-HTP based foods such as turkey, sunflower seeds, greens and seaweed
Financial structure and strategy for doctors and business owners only
How Roth IRA Distributions are taxed
Can you change how you look and feel?
Risk factors for women with heart disease
The Role Gut Bacteria Plays in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Power salmon,onions,avocado and eggs for breakfast
The gut–hormone connection: how gut organisms impact estrogen levels
Environment and behavior affect health 55% , health care 20% and genetics 5%
What foods and supplements are proven to repair DNA?
The Brain’s GPS Tells You Where You Are and Where You’ve Come from
Tips when taking probiotics
Parasites that can lead to cancer
Aspiring and Omega 3
People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care
Andrew McCabe is a patriot
Brain injury, concussive force of military blasts and Alzheimer’s – tau protein
Stomach aid and $15k after 5 hours in a hospital in the bay area
Reduce oxidative stress in dogs, an anti-aging supplement for your friend
Non pasteurized beers have more health benefits
Top posts 8-4-2017
What are possible causes of Bell’s Palsy?
How to avoid a recession
Retirement planning for doctors and health care pros
From a Sore Toe to a Broken Heart, Swearing Soothes Pain
If our brain becomes desensitised to serotonin flooding (MAOA gene fault), why doesn’t it become desensitised to dopamine flooding in sch…
How gifting are taxed by Intuit
Alcohol potentiates most meds or drugs
How to choose the right eye nutrients , AREDS – Age-Related Eye Disease Studies
Why many senior care home owners in the bay area are closing their business
Now hiring senior care companions, caregivers, drivers and home helpers
Serotonin May Worsen Tinnitus
Cardiovascular disease risk formula
Six amazing apps that can transform your business
NAD , aging and Alzheimer and Parkinson
Neurology topics from Connie at Quora.com
Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear
Seven Tips for Battling Dry Eye
People with gout are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease
Digital Health Avatar
Oregano, verbena, turmeric, thyme, red clover,damiana help balance estrogen and stress
The Rhythm That Makes Memories Permanent
Anti-aging and Parkinson/Alzheimer’s prevention: Enzymes and apple cider vinegar
Wearables for pre-op , post-op and over 40 with heart disease in family
How can we promote patient safety?
Navigate real time to check your vitals and a shield from electro smog
Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers & pharmacogenetic test to prevent adverse drug reaction
What I Learned About Eye Floaters
hconcierge.org – a health concierge site in early dev – please review and suggest its final product
Santa Clara Family Health Plan community resource list
Gov. Brown signs bill that limits seizure of assets of many Medi-Cal recipients
Who pays for your medication
Cancer and metabolism
What is the PSA cancer test?
Why are alcoholics skinny?
Butyrate in butter, green bananas , plant oils to burn fat
A New Role For Amyloid Beta in Alzheimer’s
Engage, enroll and compel to successful selling
Sulfur-rich foods as regulator of nerves and vital organ functions, egg production and cell growth
From Lullabies to Live Concerts: How Music and Rhythm Shape Our Social Brains
Blood Clots
From Lullabies to Live Concerts: How Music and Rhythm Shape Our Social Brains
How can we reverse auto immune conditions?
California Telemedicine Policy
Raw Eggs and No Husband Since ’38 Kept Her Young at 115 by Elizabeta Povoledo
Anti aging, exercise, low calorie, AMPK, rose hips and Gynostemma
Sour fruits suppress hunger hormones
Pain, Opiods, Liver, Brain and Death
Magnesium oil, for healthy heart cells, brittle bones, stiff muscles
Special Argentine Tango Dances
Two common classes of drugs linked to dementia
Calorie calculator
Crisis in Retirement Planning by Robert Merton
Patient generated health data
Toxic chemicals in workplace
Dr Katz Health Videos
Sleep and brain cancer
What are lipoproteins doing in the brain?
Exercise and the brain
My resolutions changed with my struggle with cancer, by Suleika Jaouad, 24-yr old
More autoimmune diseases in women than men
To spread, nervous system viruses – herpes – sabotage cell, hijack transportation
Hospice Care , archived articles from New York Times
Even Moderate Air Pollution May Lead to Lung Disease
June 25 Summer Scamper walk/run for Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Mental state and gait – walking
Lyme Diease by Dr Mercola
Massage to clean your lymps and help with attacking any virus
Gaps in women’s health insurance
2013 Doctor consultations per country
Washington Post 7-13-2017
How you de-stress and your health goals determine your future health
Cancer cure from tests of lab-grown organs
Ellagic acid in berries, pomegranates, grapes, and walnuts as anti-inflammatory
Black-box medicine, doctors can’t know what is going on
Toxic nerve gas Sarin
Sulfur for bone health and cancer prevention
Larry Brilliant wants to stop pandemics
Health hacks to reduce health care costs
Anonymous health survey to find health data insights
Massage oil tips
New Painkillers Reduce Overdose Risk
Cost cutting measures in hospitals – current state
$64K per year Multiple sclerosis drug or a holistic healing option
How I found a job in Taipei at age 27
How Shift Work Disrupts Metabolism
Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid
Dancing, sense of taste , brain , aging , surprise as agent of social change
Grandma’s home remedies for 7 ailments
How others treat you is their Karma and how you respond is your karma
Brain cleaning mechanism – Autophagy
Poor sleep may increase your risk of disease
Iron deficiency anaemia and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
How Learning in the Present Shapes Future Learning
Diabetes, meat, iron and A1c
Is it really true that the brain overwrites incoming sense data to conform to prior beliefs and assumptions?
Meet Linda Moore, RN my wellness guest blogger today
Long-Term Care Insurance , get them when you are in your 40s
Food safety: 128,000 are hospitalized per year from food-borne infections
Wearable Soft Robotics for Independent Living
Free nutrition training to bay area massage therapists and students
Stress may counteract the beneficial effects of a healthful diet
Dancing, sense of taste , brain , aging , surprise as agent of social change
Could Manipulating the Microbiome Treat Food Allergies?
Avoid or limit caffeine consumption in children
Genetic Variants Could Place Some Soldiers at Greater Risk of PTSD
Ginger prevents cancer
Using Blockchain to move secured patient data
Is there connection between thyroid hormones and insulin?
Environment and behavior affect health 55% , health care 20% and genetics 5%
What we all misunderstand about each other during the election?
Stronger immune system with enhanced smell and taste in foods
Caregivers needed for training in the bay area
Do you APPROVE of the job Donald Trump is doing?
Depression Affects Male and Female Brains Differently
Low Vitamin D Levels at Birth Linked to Higher Autism Risk
Why hire a bay area live-in caregiver?
What is the best home care for your parents in the bay area?
Support your lymphatic system to support your brain
Silkworm enzymes and Esophageal Cancer
Calling all hospice care, geriatric care and senior care specialists
Top posts
SW glitch in fMRI, brain scans faulty results
Weekly health dose from Dr Sara: sex, sleeping on the side, past life trauma, acupuncture and prayer
Spatial representations can be found everywhere in the brain
Robert Weinberg on hallmarks of cancer
W2 and 1099 income for Stanford and Kaiser doctors to save more and min taxes
Liver cancer, genetics or alcohol in origin?
Your attitude affects your health, by Helen Martyre
I am the go to caregiver for hospice bay area senior clients
Pathological liar – mental disease
Frontotemporal Dementia Linked to Shortage of Progranulin
Parkinson and Copper Toxicity by Michael McEvoy
Genetics Link Sleep Disturbances With Restless Leg Syndrome, Schizophrenia and Obesity
YouTube Ads Leaderboard: June 2017
Caffeine Level in Blood May Help Diagnose Parkinson’s
Let lovers be crazy, disgraceful and wild, for those who fret about such things aren’t in love. Rumi
Creative Minds: Reprogramming the Brain
Women’s health global stat and causes
The problem in Washington is not a conspiracy against the President; it’s the President himself
What can I do as middle-age man to prevent Dementia?
Dietary needs of toxic lungs
Save money in college and let’s have more college graduates in America
Parasitic disease were 1.5 to 3 times more likely to have epilepsy
Muscle strain – injury to over worked body of an 82 yr old female
Truth and corruption in WH
Sports Nutrition by Dr Mercola
Thinking too hard can strain your brain
Top posts in November 2016
Top posts in November
Synthetics, plastics and foods that changes the sex of the fetus
Washington Post 1-23-2018
Monitor important vitals at home with a wearable not just exercise level
Smell sense and the brain
Researchers connect brain blood vessel lesions to intestinal bacteria
Pulmonary hypertension is higher among women over 85 yrs old
Can a senior aspire to be more skinny?
Do you think Democrats should SUE Donald Trump?
Santa Clara Family Health Plan community resource list
Brain Cancer And Leukemia: New Molecular Mechanisms Decoded, metabolic enzymes
Many Cancers Heal on Their Own by Dr Mercola
Where to fit Voya’s Fixed Index Annuity in your diversified asset base
Rheumatoid Arthritis by Dr Mercola
Muscle Enzyme Explains Weight Gain in Middle Age, Cancer and Aging
Food related topics answered by Connie at Quora.com
Gut Bacteria May Predict PTSD Risk
Nutrients depleted by medications
Tarsier monkey in the Philippines – from artist Esther
CMS proposes chopping $1 billion from home health
Lung cancer in the Philippines
Prolong stress and its impact to the neuroimmune system
Rumi love poems
Top aging hacks and stopping chronic illness
Aphrodisiac foods
$10k granny unit in the bay area is possible
Yelp experience, senior care services in the bay area
Zinc for anti-infection, fighting bacteria and fungus
How much does a caregiver earn in the Philippines?
Connie’s answers at quora.com
Metformin Adverse Effects
Adverse effects of smoking to liver cells, death from liver to bladder cancer
Virus, anti-oxidants, selenium, Vitamin E and nutrition status
Early Markers of Disease using MRI: fatty acid synthesis in tumor detection and unsaturated lipids in breast lesions
Free dance performance in San Francisco this Friday
Understanding The Brain’s Building Blocks With Genetics
Your own health food store with free Bahamas trip
Is dementia related to all anti-cholinergics or just GABA-enhancing ones?
The latest in Alzheimer’s disease research
Happy genes love to eat
Immune Gene May Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease
Short/medium/long chain fatty acids for colon and brain health – Coconut oil , butter and salmon
Anti-cancer Resveratrol in grapes, berries and peanuts
Why do doctors prescribe a high dose of iron tablets to anemic patients even though most of it comes out as waste?
Nervous system related topics answered by Connie at Quora.com
Un-medicated 92 yr old with Dementia and unnecessary tests
Good fats, SCFA – short chain fatty acids
The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale
Nervous system and nerve-growth factor (NGF) play a major role in arthritis
An extended family in Antioquia, Colombia with a genetic mutation causing Alzheimer’s
Benefits of activated charcoal by Dr Axe
I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for a while but lately I have been getting exhausted by things way too easily. What cou…
Chronic Lack of Sleep Increases Risk Seeking
To downsize or not and in need of home care in bay area
Reset 92% of your genes toward a youthful gene expression pattern
Connie’s recent health related answers at quora.com
Are people born in poverty better leaders?
Health Care News
Cost of staying young and delaying aging
Mental health topics answered by Connie at quora.com
Barack Obama just announced that campaign finance reform will be one of the TOP priorities
Lead and holistic detox ways
New evidence that chronic stress predisposes brain to mental illness
Predict disease with WES – ask your doctor to request this DNA lab test
South Florida’s teenage poets find their voice in WordSpeak program by Jordan Levin
Breast cancer signs and nutrition for breast health
High blood glucose and homocysteine
Binding or cross linking of glucose to protein damages tissues
Lessons from Japan – Eat like a Japanese
Art classes for seniors in their homes
Melatonin – anti-aging and potent antioxidant
Researchers boost cancer screening rates visiting NYC barbershops
Health care perception and reality in the world
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a soupy collection of marine debris—mostly plastics
June 3, Sat #marchfortruth to protest the so called President
Washington Post 8-23-2017
Diseases related to gut microbes and animal feces
A Nazi salute, KKK hoods and Trump: Magazine covers after Charlottesville are jarring
3-day success list from Tony Robbins, rep speakers Tom Nestor and AJ, at business seminar in Walnut Creek
Mobile Health News
New evidence that chronic stress predisposes brain to mental illness
People recognize the innate advantage of defining differences in species
‘Friendship Bench’ Program Proves Effective at Alleviating Mental Illness Symptoms
How the Brain Generates Respiratory Rhythm
Trump administration plan to cut $10.6 billion from federal education initiatives
Selenium Protects a Specific Type of Interneuron in the Brain
Trump is not welcome in major world cities
Pasteurised intestinal bacterium reduces effects of obesity and diabetes
First structural map of cystic fibrosis protein sheds light on how mutations cause disease
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What is best to eat after vomiting and an upset stomach?
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What was the nature versus nurture debate, and why do most researchers now reject this framing of the issue?
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130/80 new guideline for blood pressure – causes of high BP
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Join Emily’s list which recruited more than 26,000 women to run for office
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Dietary Fiber and Microbes Change the Gel That Lines Our Gut
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MindMaze receives FDA clearance to bring VR rehab platform to the US
Exome sequence test to know the health of your cells, give this gift to your family
Our children are not our possession, they are entrusted to us to care for
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Easter, the triumph of life over death
Palo Alto comments: Need parking and facilities for car dwellers and RV and a city pool
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Apple and Google believe electricity is the biggest cost; Eliminate electric bills
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Stomach cells replace every 2-9 days
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A qualified personal residence trust is a powerful gifting tool that allows a person to protect a primary residence from creditors and to minimize estate taxes
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