As I visit seniors in their homes, I find canned foods in the kitchen and a lot of frozen processed and meat.

Since my mother died, I have been researching and observing what was practiced in the kitchen that can contribute to her liver cancer. In a study about stomach cancer in 2500 Hongkong men, it was observed that dried salted fish have some bacteria in them.

We also use salted small shrimp that fermented for many years and a fish sauce. Growing up, we have ingested 3-day old rice in the absence of adequate refrigeration. Aflatoxin in 3-day old rice was the culprit why liver cancer is the highest in the world in China.


  • Do not eat 3-day old rice, with pink molds.
  • Do not eat dried salted fish that maybe too old and was not properly handled and prepared.
  • Do cook fresh veggies washed with water with vinegar or salt.
  • Cook your raw foods well especially meat.
  • Avoid pork if you can, since the bacteria or other microbes in it multiply more compared to other meat.


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