How many pain pills went to your pharmacy?
A first-ever, granular look at the opioid pills that were dispensed into local communities.
By Armand Emamdjomeh, Andrew Ba Tran, Aaron Williams, Danielle Rindler, and Tim Meko · Read more
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‘This is an issue that we can win’: Cory Booker on his gun control plan
Sen. Cory Booker lays out his gun policy proposal. Matt Zapotosky on what convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide in federal custody can tell us about the case moving forward. And Alex Horton gives us a reality check on a meme.
By The Washington Post · Read more
‘Please break things’: Hackers lay siege to voting systems to spot weaknesses in security
In three years since its inception, Def Con’s Voting Village has become a destination not only for hackers but also lawmakers and members of the intelligence community.
By Taylor Telford · Read more
Stocks sink as odds of U.S.-China trade deal appear to wane
Bond yields plunged, signaling investor flight to safety as they worry that a record stock run may be nearing its end.
By Thomas Heath · Read more
Friend of Dayton shooter helped him assemble weapon, bought him body armor, FBI says
Ethan Kollie was charged with criminal counts unrelated to the shooting, officials said.
By Mark Berman · Read more
Campaign 2020
These candidates are not polling well. But at the Iowa State Fair, they’re stars.
Hopefuls who have struggled suddenly find themselves surrounded by voters — and the press.
By Holly Bailey · Read more
When athletes kneel, the U.S. Olympic regime has no moral standing to object
The United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee broke a national trust — and has done nothing to repair it.
By Sally Jenkins · Read more
Newark begins giving residents bottled water amid ongoing lead problems
“Newark is what keeps me up at night now,” said the pediatrician who helped expose the Flint water crisis.
By Clare Fieseler and Brady Dennis · Read more