My body shape is so different than it used to be. I just turned 51 and I feel like my body has become so misshapen! Before I couldn’t gain weight for anything, now my I’ve been gaining weight in my belly, inner thighs, back and upper arms arms! My skin is dry and creppy looking all the time, the skin on my face is drooping and it just feels like I have a lot of loose skin on my face, I have way more cellulite than before and a lot more peach fuzz on my face and I have a crease on each ear lobe. My hair is thinning and I have a lot of pain in my fingers, my back and pelvis area down to my knees on my backside. The pain is excruciating! I have no energy whatsoever and just to go from my bedroom to the bathroom my whole body burns! I can’t seem to focus on much either! My brain isn’t as sharp as it once was to. Am I needing something in my diet? Is it cancer? Do I have a vitamin deficiency? I don’t know. B


Dear Barbara,

Go see your doctor and have a blood tests and other tests.  Cancer shows up in skin as allergies, pain and other issues. I do not know what is happening to your body. Whole foods, sunshine, ginger, turmeric, detox from parasites, fresh air, massage, and other healing ways can help but you need to see the other hidden issues.