Pancreas issues. Waiting for MRI results Fibromyalgia, diabetes, cyst in tailbone Panic attacks, headaches, cold and burning feet. Hearing disability, heavy constipated Right hand tendon reconstruction surgery. Slow in healing and fingers burn, pain. Still wearing hand brace at night. Need more Exercise tips. No full mobility yet. Rapid weight loss. Increase hunger. Always hungry. No weight gain Very dizzy ( med change- cypralex. Can’t fall asleep.

Dear Sir,

What did you doctor told you? Did you see your blood tests and other lab tests?

I would follow an anti-parasitic diet, do a liver detox, eat fresh pineapple and warm ginger tea with turmeric and garlic. Get sunshine, try night time sleep with melatonin and eucalyptus massage oil with lavender essential oil. Massage body with coconut with spearmint essential oil. Add in your warm ginger tea, leaves of oregano, guava leaves and lemon grass leaves.