In 2019, the annual earnings limit for those under full retirement age (FRA) is $17,640. That means in 2019you can earn up to $17,640 and receive all your Social Security benefits even if you aren’t yet at full retirement age. This is an increase from the 2017 limitof $16,920 and the 2018 limit of $17,040.

What will seniors do to survive in the bay area and still get their social security benefits?

  • Have rental income in your real estate under your LLC
  • Gift your house to your children and other assets
  • Update your irrevocable living trust
  • See an estate planner and or family lawyer
  • Email on other tips to live in the bay area while receiving your social security earned benefits at 62, 65, 67

Note:Let us help you turn your backyard into a rental income with ADU or affordable granny unit.