At 94 yrs of age, she cannot prolong her life any longer with no nutrition and with heavy work during her lifetime as breadwinner in the family and going to each son or daughter (7 children) and taking care of her grandchildren.

But Claudia Defensor Poral showed me healing ways that science can explain now how it promoted health.

  • Massaging the inner palm of hands, armpit and inner thighs where the lymph nodes are located. This massage can heal a fever in shorter period of time and provide relief in many ways.
  • Using garlic, ginger and other herbs to include in her massage oil or soups.
  • Burning the egg yolk as skin paste to kill fungus and washing with boiled guava leaves.
  • Burn the rice as activated charcoal for diarrhea and stomach problems.
  • Making other herbal poultice for all kinds of home health remedies.
  • Her staple nourishment comes from boiled greens, sweet potatoes, green plantain bananas and boiled eggs.
  • For her leg pain, her massage oil is a combo of ginger, garlic, salt and other herbs such as yerba buena, lemon grass and oregano.
  • She would create a bonfire in the backyard and curse the evil spirits if she think they are the cause of a sudden aches and pain of one of her children or their families.
  • She prays in Latin.
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