The scope of pathologies related with lack of Magnesium is huge: hypertension (cardiovascular ailment, kidney and liver harm, and so forth.), peroxynitrite damage (headache, various sclerosis, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s illness, and so on.), repetitive bacterial infection because of low levels of nitric oxide in the cavities (sinuses, vagina, center ear, lungs, throat, and so on.), fungal infections because of a depressed immune system, thiamine deactivation (low gastric behavioral disorders, and so on.), premenstrual syndrome, Calcium inadequacy (osteoporosis, hypertension, state of mind swings, and so forth.), tooth cavities,loss of hearing, diabetes type II, cramps, muscle weakening, impotence (absence of NO), hostility (absence of NO), fibromas, potassium deficiency (arrhythmia, hypertension, a few types of cancer), iron accumulation, and so on.