Is AI Better Than Your Cardiologist?

With 47 million datasets, the world’s largest cardiovascular company Lepu will debut their FDA-approved AI system that reads EKGs better than cardiologists. Lepu AI is built on Intel’s new AI chipset that makes AI on the EKG device possible.

 Two-time Academy Award Winner Richard Chuang will open with the myths of AI and how to separate the science from the fiction.

Home Care is hands on and continuity of home care service is a must

With Motherhealth caregivers, case manager must ensure continuity of care, training of caregivers and daily monitoring of client and caregivers skill set. Skill set can include knowledge similar to nurses , massage therapist, nutritionist and home care in lower level but same goals of providing home care to seniors matching their needs and treating them like family. 408-854-1883 for bay area caregivers from MOtherhealth LLC ,
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