My own journey to weight loss and lowering my blood sugar levels.

Breakfast is warm drink of ginger tea with almond and soy milk. Snack is apples.

For my lunch, I have soft boiled eggs, banana, steel oatmeal, bitter melon (from Asian supermarket).

Soup for dinner.

  1. Whole foods: We can pair plants and healthy protein, drink your favorite (1) cup of coffee or tea during the day with ginger powder or crystals or ginger tea from fresh boiled root, and explore more whole foods to pair with our favorite dishes.
  2. Protein in the morn 9-5 ; 1 or 2 boiled eggs , boiled ginger with lemon and our favorite herbs or tea.  You can skip breakfast if you have a healthy lunch and early dinner.  fresh orange or apples would suffice if you are doing light work and will have early healthy lunch.
  3. Apple at night, small protein (half a tsp of peanut butter). Choose bananas or fruits that are not over rip. Create an avocado dip for your carrots or celery stick.  Apple contains 1 million good bacteria.
  4. Fibers during the day:  Fiber helps encapsulate the fat and sugar out of our bodies. Steel oatmeal (soaked first) and bitter melons are rich in fiber, help lower blood sugar and reduce fat within 6 months of daily consumption together with other healthy foods.  
  5. Drink 30 minutes before full lunch and 30 minutes after lunch to not dilute the acid in the stomach. 
  6. Take time to chew your food, to meditate, to give thanks. Your positive spirit will guide you in nourishing your body.
  7. Rest and deep breathing in between (5 minutes of rest will help you arrive at good decisions and fill up your mind with happy thoughts)
  8. Love foods, healthy ones and observe the benefits derived from your food choices.  Say No to unhealthy foods. Happy foods are eggs, yams and fruits.
  9. Celebrate each day by noticing your good bowel movement, sleep patterns, and weighing yourself as one way of monitoring your health.