Collaborate on an agricultural project

Tenant farming is probably the second oldest profession. One person provides the land, another person provides labor, and they share the profits.

This is all well and good if you own a farm. But what about the majority of landlords out there who don’t?

It turns out the world is full of fun, sometimes funky examples of how landlords and renters collaborate on quasi-agricultural projects. Could you create a community garden with an affordable monthly fee per plot?

If you own a large apartment community or have a large lot with a central location, perhaps a mini farmer’s market?

Depending on your climate or soil, maybe your property could produce quality hops or grapes. You could sell the hops to local breweries (who are always looking to expand their authentic “localism” image). Even better, if you can sell grapes to local wineries, the prestige of advertising a “vineyard home for rent” is enough to send the rent through the roof.

Or get really weird and creative. Consider Jeff Neal, who raises and drop ships live crickets through his business at “I worked for an e-commerce company before and was still very interested in starting my own niche drop ship company. And after some research, it was apparent that crickets were the only solution.”

There is truly a niche for everything!