Metabolic disorders can be made worse by lack of sleep and poor eating habits. Important signs of unhealthy lifestyle can show up in weight gains or weight loss, lack of sleep and addictions (in food, gambling, alcohol, other kinds of addictions). Addictions can be influenced by the health of our brain. Our gut health influences our brain health.

If we must measure health we start with behaviors and lifestyles (adequate night time sleep, eating whole foods or healthy foods, happy and contented life with no addictions).

Can we track these health measurements? Yes, each of us must focus on adequate night time sleep, exercises and healthy eating and know the daily signs in the absence of these healthy habits.  Loss in memory, loss in temper, weight gain, metabolic upsets, poor hearth rhythms, etc.

We know our bodies but we need to educate ourselves on the signs and ways to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Track your own healthy habits with or without any high tech gadgets. Listen to your body.

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