Nerve damage, selenium and heavy metals toxins

Our water and foods can be contaminated with arsenic and other heavy metals that can produce pain and other nerve damage.

Aside from foods rich in Vitamin C, B complex and A, a small amount of selenium can help repair the damage.

Selenium repairs chromosome damage. It is also needed for the conversion of thyroid hormone, form T4 to T3. … Selenium also prevents viral replication and helps detoxify arsenic, beryllium, cadmiummercury and silver.

Holistic ways

  • Take vitamin B complex in the morning and in mid-afternoon, vitamin C and E and selenium and magnesium
  • Foot baths: half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and Epsom salts
  • Ginger tea: fresh with hot water from boiled pineapple with washed skin
  • Sprinkle Brewer’s yeast in soups and cereal
  • Add these herbs in cooked foods: cilantro, oregano and thyme
  • Add lemon in warm water for drinking/tea/soups


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