Condemn Trump and Republicans’ actions before MIDNIGHT →

Buono — here’s a breakdown of everything that has happened:

  • FIRST: Trump undermined our national security by withholding military assistance to a foreign country.
  • AT THE SAME TIME: Trump jeopardized the integrity of our elections — the heart of our democracy.
  • MEANWHILE: Republicans are sweeping the truth under the rug.

Republicans are attacking us for the process we’re using to hold Trump accountable, because they know they can’t defend the substance; they can’t defend the evidence of Trump’s abuse of power.

Republicans are turning a blind eye to Trump’s corruption because they know what he did was WRONG.

Add your name before midnight tonight to condemn Trump and Republicans’ actions.

House Democrats and I are asking a simple question: Is it acceptable for the president to pressure a foreign government to undermine our free and fair elections for his own personal political gain?

If Republicans won’t answer that question, then we’ll hold them accountable, Buono. And here’s how we’re going to do it:

  • We’re going to be more united than ever.
  • We’re going to be hyper-engaged from now until Election Day.
  • And we’re going to defeat Republicans at the ballot box one year from now.

Before midnight tonight, sign on to condemn Trump’s abuses of power and the Republicans for shirking their constitutional duties.

Don’t let up,