Covid News

Like other viruses, the pathogen causing COVID-19 cannot copy itself. Instead it infiltrates living cells—including those lining the human gut—and enlists them to actively replicate its RNA. Infected patients then shed viral RNA particles in bodily fluids, including saliva, mucus and feces. These end up down the drain in wastewater, where they can be found at levels high enough to be detectable.

Sampling RNA particles from wastewater can help researchers do a few things: For one, they can sequence the coronavirus’s genes to see how various strains mutate and change over time. Such analysis also allows researchers to track the pathogen’s spread, covering all the strains in circulation and peering into their “viral ancestry.” In a recent preprint study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, microbiologists determined that the dominant strain plucked out of sewage in one city in Montana likely descended from a viral lineage circulating in Europe.


As preventative measure, do drink ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper and add powder of activated charcoal, Vitamin C and Zinc.


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