Women will use long term care for 4 years vs 3 years with men


Women account for two thirds of all long term care insurance claims paid in 2018. AALTCI

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Reported in LTCi Sales Strategies magazine (Volume 7, Number 3, December 2005). May be used with credit to LTCi Sales Strategies magazine and Milliman USA.

What’s the likelihood of getting LTC services (based on length of stay information shared by Milliman USA, leading LTC insurance actuaries) from all ages combined?  

Out of 1,000 65-year-old policyholders
        –      449 will get LTC services
        –      106 will get LTC for > 2 years   
        –      59 will get LTC for > 3 years
        –      34 will get LTC for > 4 years
        –      20 will get LTC for > 5 years

The length of stay also varies significantly by whether the policyholder is married or single, or male or female. The two “extremes” for a 65-year old are shown: that for a married male (lowest) and a single female (highest).

Out of 1,000 65-year-old males, who are married              

        –      302 will get LTC services
        –      20 will get LTC for > 2 years   
        –      12 will get LTC for > 3 years
        –      7 will get LTC for > 4 years
        –      4 will get LTC for > 5 years

Out of 1,000 65-year-old females, who are single

        –      555 will get LTC services
        –      70 will get LTC for > 2 years   
        –      51 will get LTC for > 3 years
        –      35 will get LTC for > 4 years
        –      23 will get LTC for > 5 years

Source:  Data compiled by Milliman USA, published in LTCi Sales Strategies magazine, December 2005.

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