How much time do we have left?

We know how much money we have.

No one can really know how much time they have left to live, though some have a better idea than others – the terminally ill, those about to attempt suicide, or those who are under heavy fire, for example.

If I calculate based on my father and mother’s life who both died of cancer at 64 and 83, I might have 25 more years. I lost 8lbs of weight in the last 10 days with no heavy dinner. Took probiotics, ate more fiber and had only eggs for my protein.

Fasting or eating a few calories can slow the aging process. Sleeping at night too can help. Stress, alcohol and unhealthy lifestyle can do damage to our cells.

We take care of our happiness, protecting it from negative energy people and environment. We hope that there will be no more fires in California and Oregon. Climate change is real.

How much time do you have left and what will you do in the remaining 20 or 30 years of your life. What lessons will you tell yourself to follow in the next 25 years of your life?