Reduce your energy consumption in the USA with solar panels on your roof, at 0 initial costs. Email connie a copy of your PGE bill to get the annual usage for your account number to create the solar panel design for your roof , at , 4088541883

No need to pay utility energy delivery charges incurred from importing energy to California when you have solar panels on your roof. We work as a broker with 4 carriers and installers (includes Tesla battery as option, ground mount option available). A+ rating with BBB. Currently serving clients in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii (soon) and other states. Only around 15% of California homes have solar. Incentives are high and as we are mandated to be 100% sustainable by 2045. PGE pays you for excess production of electricity from solar panels on your roof (wholesale price).

Check your roof’s sun exposure here:

Criteria: Roof exposure to sun, PGE annual usage, credit score (although we work with other financial services to accommodate lower than 650 FICO).

All newly built homes are required to have solar panels. The purchase agreement (don’t own or rent, use to provide cheaper electric bills), PPA, can include new roofs for those who needs one. No lien is created for your house. A new account is created for the new homeowner. The is also an option for a purchase for tax benefits.
Based on the house and roof, you can qualify for 0 initial costs. New program is 0 costs, we use panels to generate electricity, buying electricity generated from the installed panels. Good for homes with less shade or not so much surrounded by trees to qualify. If you qualify for this lower uniform rates, you can save a lot in your utility bills.

We inspect the roof to custom the design for your roof. There is no commitment during the design phase to show you savings detail. No out-of-pocket from the panels on your roof, based on sun exposure on your roof.