Working more than 3 jobs or business allows me to be financially strong , not at the mercy of losing an 8-5 job. I would have 30 plus more years to live on this planet but I wanted to ensure that I learned my lessons and just focus on what helps my body be healthy with no meds, maintain weight, sleep a little longer and still be able to travel with friends to see nature and my outside world.

What I would tell my 24 yr old daughter before reaching her 50 yr old self. Save for retirement early, buy only the essentials, don’t waste time, dance and love some more, spend time with nature, jog and run and walk more in the sun, gain more friends, be true to yourself, don’t be fooled by others, learn from your mistakes. So many things I have to tell her. I think I already did. She loved thrift stores and I taught her to love others, her grandparents, relatives and more. I can cry thinking that maybe I forgot to teach her how to avoid the many regrets I have but she has grown to be a better version of me. So early to know what career she wanted to be in, she is even focusing on govt jobs of teaching in the state of California for the benefits, long term and security. She followed her passion.

For all the women before and after me, I learned from them too. Share with each other lessons you learned and so that together we can be each other’s guide as we navigate widowhood, singlehood and being able to walk at 95 and take less meds than others.

Women born during the Baby Boom are likely to be widowed by age 67 and to remain a widow for 15 years or longer.
And the sandwich generation, caring for their parents and their children at the same time.
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Events that have an impact on the finances of women:
Marriage – have your own separate finances or be educated about finance, taxes and money
Children – have college savings, car and other opportunities of learning and growth to guarantee their future success
Divorce – can be independent during divorce, moving forward to live in practical and minimalized ways
Job change – securing income during 6m or more a year of job change; finding other sources of income and learning job skills
Widowhood –
Retirement, access to death benefits during chronic and terminal illness, guaranted retirement income from cash accumulation in life insurance and annuities until 94
Estate Planning
Tips to stay on the top of these life events: Healthy living, financial literacy, living in simple means/minimalist, learning new hobbies and ways of increasing income, social support system, and preparing in advance.