Feeling sick all day and laying on the bed, I was hoping that I can recover fast after this second vaccine shot. The first one, did not have any reactions at all.

This time, the second vaccine shot from Moderna gave me a chill, fever and dizziness the next day. For one whole day, I lay on my bed, pressing on my armpit. I ate an apple and garlic filled chicken soup in small cup. I have been drinking orange juice and water with apple cider vinegar. Stretching on my bed, I keep deep breathing, breathing in thru the nose and out to the mouth.

What I noticed is that my tummy is very warm. I have to push myself to stand and get the chicken soup with 3 cloves of garlic and ate one big apple all day. I remembered my grandma who will massage our armpit and hands and thighs whenever we are sick with fever, so I did press my body hoping to move my lymps to help my immune system.

I wonder if this is the same feeling of those who had COVID19. The next day, all the dizziness and chills were gone. I’m back to my computer for my remote job and businesses.