The rich used premium financing to fund their retirement and build a bigger estate, similar to getting a mortgage to acquire a million dollar house.With leveraged retirement, the attached files will show you results when funding your retirement for only 5 years while the lenders (only life insurance policy as collateral), funds your retirement for 10 years. No FICO, only average health in an IUL, life insurance policy.NIWCORP.COM used this kaizenplan for its employees.

See you at 8pm tonight for intro on leveraged retirement plan. Reqd income > $100k gross yearly income in last 2 years, age < 65.
Regards,Connie Dello Buonowww.linkedin.com/in/clubaltheaWealth Strategist

Today, 30 min intro on leveraged retirement plan for all designed for the rich
at 8pm PST, Tuesday 3/9/2021

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