Know your rights. Can the landlord file for an arrest if you submitted a mechanic’s lien? Can a landlord not return your deposit and file false statements and justifications of not returning your deposit?

All of these can happen in the bayarea. What to do? Keep looking for reasonable and kind landlord until such time that you are self sufficient and no longer need to rent in the expensive bayarea rentals.

Together as renters, we must advocate for each other and find ways to know our rights and be proactive in the way we rent and live in an expensive bayarea housing.

We can join forces and create a mobile home community or small housing community. Tiny homes and modular homes are everywhere. We can also bond together to build ADU or granny units and be able to find homeowner who will cooperate with us.

Otherwise, we can only be here in the bayarea temporarily while we work to save and find another beautiful place to live near the bay area.